Update on the McGee/Jackson Restraining Order

In the ongoing saga of the life of Alderman Michael McGee (aka Jackson), there is a new development. McGee/Jackson had a restraining order against him, which prohibited contact with his ex-mistress Kimley Rucker.

Rucker was pregnant, allegedly by McGee/Jackson. She got a restraining order against him due to domestic volence, and in court the day of the restraining order, McGee/Jackson told her that if she drove by his house, he’d kill her.

Russel Jones, the attorney representing Rucker, was interviewed this morning on WISN-AM Early Spin. According to Russel Jones:

Rucker was contacted by McGee/Jackson via a third party (in violation of the current restraining order) and Rucker was told that if she dropped the restraining order, McGee/Jackson would not contest paternity of her child.

Rucker did ask for an amendment to the restraining order, but did not drop it all together as McGee/Jackson preferred. Since she didn’t drop it all together, McGee/Jackson is now contesting the paternity of the baby (which was born in early July).

Rucker apparently asked for the amendment to the restraining order so that they could have contact about the baby.