No Big Brother for Wisconsin


Wisconsin recently enacted a law which prohibits companies from implanting tiny computer chips under employees’ skin, also known as [tag]RFID[/tag] (Radio Frequency Identification) michrochip implant.

The small chips are used to track the movements of people, and may have been used by some employers to track employee activities. RFID tags are normally attached to products or animals, and radio waves are used to identify the chips. For example, chips like this can be used on products instead of the bar codes that are traditionally used at store checkouts.

Under the new law, any employer who requires a person to receive a [tag]microchip implant[/tag] will be fined $10,000 per day until the microchip is removed. While the chips could be useful to help positively identify employees and give them access to secure areas of companies, the risk exists that someone could cut the chips out of people and use them nefariously.