Milwaukee Alderman Proposes Allowing Himself to Carry a Gun


Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee (Jackson) has drafted an ordinance to allowed all alderman to be designated Peace Officers, and allow them to carry guns. This would include himself.

Recall that McGee/Jackson is without a driver’s license, due to the fact that license #1 was revoked because of an unresolved traffic incident. License #2 was revoked when it was determined that he got #2 with a false name, in order to get around the revocation of #1.

McGee/Jackson has also had numerous run-in with the legal authorities, including an incident in front of a Blockbuster Video where he got arrested for disorderly conduct. He publicly referred to the police officers involved in the Frank Jude Jr. beating “faggots”.

He’s been accused of physically abusing his mistress, which he denies. (But he also denied having a “romantic” relationship with her, and her new baby was proven to be his with a paternity test.) Additionally, McGee/Jackson has at least two different Social Security numbers.

Do we really want a guy like this carrying a gun?