Democrats are exploiting workers

Bill Lueders of Isthmus has broken this story about Decmocratic candidates paying workers less than [tag]minimum wage[/tag] for their work on a [tag]campaign[/tag] to raise the minimum wage. Here’s the story: A group that raises money for Democratic Congressional candidates uses a [tag]canvassing[/tag] company that pays some workers submimium wage, in apparent violation of Wisconsin … Read more Democrats are exploiting workers

More Proof of Milwaukee Alderman’s Perjury

Will the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office fail to take action AGAIN??? Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jackson is officially the father of Kimley Rucker’s child, as proven by a DNA test. Kimley is the woman who filed for a domestic violence restraining order against McGee/Jackson because of his abusive behavior.  McGee/Jackson threatened to kill her … Read more More Proof of Milwaukee Alderman’s Perjury