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Last year I became a big fan of the A&E Channel’s show called “Flip This House”. The show followed Richard Davis, and his company Trademark Properties, as they bought, renovated, and sold houses. I loved the show and Richard’s up-and-coming employee Ginger Alexander.

I waited to see new episodes. And I waited. And waited. And waited.

And finally realized there wasn’t going to be another show. At least not with Richard and Ginger. A&E had found some bogus “replacements” for the show, and it is now terrible.

Richard, Trademark Properties, and A&E are now embroiled in a legal battle over the show. Imagine my surprise to find a blog devoted to following the lawsuit! The site, Flip This Lawsuit, created by law student Mark Lyon is fantastic, and credit goes to Mark and his site for helping me get in-the-know about the situation.

The lawsuit filed by Richard and Trademark against A&E alleges:

  • Davis came up with the idea for the reality-based television program about their property flips, and filmed a pilot in April 2004 and submitted it to A&E
  • In June 2004, A&E expressed interest in televising such a show, and the network and Davis were to be 50/50 owners of the project, sharing in all revenues and profits
  • A&E promised to submit a written agreement outlining these terms, but never did
  • Davis and his company did 13 episodes of the show without a written agreement
  • Davis was not compensated for the 13 episodes that were aired
  • A&E stole the concept of the show and is now planning on televising a second season without any participation by Davis or any compensation paid to him
  • A&E and Departure Films never intended to pay Davis any compensation or share in any net proceeds, and intended instead to use his ideas to A&E’s benefit

Naturally, A&E denies all of it. I’ll continue with the story in future posts to this blog.

21 thoughts on “Flip This House Lawsuit

  1. I watched this show regularly, and agree with your assessment that the replacements are horrible. Richard Davis was a arrogant, but in a tolerable and sometimes even “fun” way. He could definitely play the “good ole’ boy” card. Even Ginger was entertaining trying to crawl through houses with her high heels, low cut outfits and rat dog.

    The San Antonio guys have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but for their attractive (and apparently very patient) wives, and the shows with them are unwatchable. They are just inherently unlikeable people and apparently proud of it.

    The Atlanta group is a little better, and unlike the SA crew, they actually have some redeeming qualities as human beings.

    I can’t imagine an A&E executive thinking either group would make a good show or be acceptable replacements for Richard, Ginger and crew. I am actually surprised they are still on, but have noted that Tivo is picking up more and more repeats of older Trademark shows. Good move.

  2. I had no idea! I loved Richard and Ginger…. Although, I find it hard to believe that someone, espicially someone in real estate, would proceed to shoot 13 episodes without a written contract….

  3. I thought that Richard from Trademark Properties set up the groups in other cities – licensing the concept from him and A&E. I guess not.

    I did enjoy the show with Richard, Ginger, et. al. The San Antonio program was unwatchable with the arrogant partners and their ridiculous antics.

    I kinda liked the Atlanta show.

  4. Linda Williams

    Last monday my hubby spent 10 hours filming 4-1 minute commercials for “The Real Deal.” Look for the biker genre commercials on TLC. The new show starts on April 21st. It was filmed at Northside Tavern off of 14th street in Atlanta.

    BTW: my hubby had a BLAST with Ginger and Richard, said they were really nice folks.

    Linda Williams
    Griffin, GA

  5. Lisa Peacock

    I was wondering what had happened to Richard, Ginger and crew. Tried watching the San Antonia and Atlanta shows. They just did nothing for me. Guess now I know why I haven’t been seeing any of Richard. Very glad to know they are coming out with a new show, The Real Deal. I’m sure it’s going to be great.

  6. Barbara Jacobs

    I have to agree with the not to “nice’opinions on the “Morongos”??the one guy anyway–drives the big hummer!!!How obvious is that!!Duh??Feel bad for his wife—and his brother does not seem —as obnoxious as the “hummer guy”I too, like the Atlanta crew.They seem to talk the talk,and walk the walk.I doubt “Morongo” has worked a real job in his life!!He sure likes ordering everyone around,and talking about being the great white shark!!!??Excuse me,I would not want my business associates thinking, I am a predater!!??Does this man “REALLY” have a business in Texas??Tell the truth,and shame the devil!!YT B.Jacobs

  7. Earle G

    Original show with Ginger and Richard was great. New A&E Flip this House[FTH] sucks. Had to turn it off after 5 minutes. Hey A&E, I guarantee your new FTH flops and you lose millions in the lawsuit. Thank You TLC for picking up the show. Ginger rocks!

  8. Kim Smith

    My family loves Richard and the gang. San Antonio family is so arrogant and irritating that we no longer watch . I just watched Richards’ new show on TLC. Loved it. Good-Bye A&E, Hello TLC.

  9. Jason

    Check this out from a Craigslist list in Austin. We all heard that Armando got picked up for another season, now they will have a new team in Austin. This team just formed and has never flipped a property, ever. How can they show people how to flip properties? Seems like another lawsuit waiting to happen.

    We are a growing investment company and we have several homes in the prime Austin location that we would like to purchase to flip. We are Extreme Homes. Our team of seasoned professionals are in the running for a show on A&E. We are looking to gain serious investors to purchase homes to renovate and sell. Please contact me at [email protected]

    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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    PostingID: 405340048

  10. You think the Montelongos are bad! Well you’re right! It turns out that they have had multiple properties foreclosed on (27 on last count) that were supposed to have been flipped….. Just last week, I received free tickets to attend a “seminar” in palm springs to hear the Montelongos speak about doing flips….. I won’t be attending that one, since I would actually like to SUCEED at flipping! One of the Atlanta Teams completely staged a flip, and didn’t even own the property they claimed to be flipping. The open house was staged, and the “Buyers” were friends, family, and co-workers. The house was supposed to have been sold, but actually still sits unsold as of late. A&E is a fraud!

  11. We never knew what happened to Richard and
    Ginger. We wish him the best and he deserves
    it. He is a business man and a good one. I
    have seen his humble side and truely think he is a good man. He has done so many kind ‘
    things on his program. No wonder he is so well liked. He isn’t a fake. We wish him the best and we all know he will come out on
    top of this lawsuit. Good Luck Richard and company.

  12. Connie

    LOVE Richard and Ginger. Would trust them with my $$$ and my investment in my future. On the other hand….wouldn’t do business with that arrogant snob in San Antonio if he was the last contractor on earth. Comparing the two men, all I have to say is….CLASS SHOWS.

  13. Crystal

    My husband was so impressed and intrigued with Richard and Trademark Properties he was ready to jump on a plane for the next Trademark Properties meeting. Still wanting to get involved with Richard; he has yet to get the correct information. I like the San Antonio crew just as well! They are practical and down to the dirt! Business is business and they proved to all of America how they get in there and get it done! Ps my husband called and left a voice mail for the Montellongos (spell).

  14. Teresa Ambord

    Here’s the problem with the Montellongos of San Antonio. In one episode he tells his wife to paint… yes, paint a bathtub because, he says, by the time the new owners figure it out it’ll be too late. I hope the new owners saw that on TV and sued his butt off. Business is business, but that is bad business and zero ethics. On the other hand, the Trademark guys pinch pennies but you can often see that Richard’s heart is touched by difficult circumstances. He donates time and money often. He may be a bit arrogant but he is a real person. God speed to him.

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