Hooray for Trademark Properties and Richard Davis!!!


Let the fun begin! A couple days ago I saw a commercial for a program called “A Home Run for Trademark” on TLC. It looked like this will be the warmup for the new show featuring Richard Davis, Ginger, and Trademark Properties. Richard and crew are out of the clutches of A&E and the “Flip This House” fiasco. They are starting over on TLC with a new reality show called “The Real Deal.”

And sure enough, I got an email last night from Trademark about the show:

In the one-hour special, Davis and his team first purchase the former home of baseball great Shoeless Joe Jackson in Greenville, SC and then work to transform it into a Shoeless Joe museum. Although Shoeless Joe was banned from baseball in 1921 due to his alleged involvement in the “Black Sox” scandal, his fans have worked tirelessly to restore his reputation ever since. For his part, Davis puts together a crew, transplants and repositions the house all in just one week, giving Shoeless Joe a place of honor in the hearts of baseball fans everywhere.

Assisting Davis in the project is construction foreman Josh Hamilton. A former professional baseball player himself with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Hamilton was sidelined in 2002 when a drug addiction crippled his ability to play. He was subsequently suspended from baseball. Now, Hamilton has a second chance: out of rehab and into Davis’ construction crew, Hamilton hopes this will be a stepping stone to getting his career back on track.

Davis and his team have just one shot to give both of these baseball greats a second chance. Will they pull it off?

Go Trademark!!!

4 thoughts on “Hooray for Trademark Properties and Richard Davis!!!

  1. Rob Beck

    I saw the program and followed up on Josh Hamilton. In a classic heartwarming story, he had his first major league at bat with the Cincinnati Reds on opening day today (4/2). Even though the left fielder made a nice play and caught Josh’s hit, he received a standing ovation and all of the players in the dugout were high fiveing him. He even received a standing ovation as he was coming to bat and the pitcher waited a good 45 seconds or so while he was being applauded. The ump even joked with him about it.

    It was great. Brought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks for pointing out it was TLC. I no longer watch Flip this House on A&E where they seem to specialize in seeing how they can take advantage of people. No class and A&E has not done themselves any favors by replacing such a class act with people of this caliber. The younger brother should give Armando the boot. (I did watch it once).

    Richard Davis and Trademark Properties are pure class.

  2. SC Guy

    Trademark is a joke and an embarrassment to Charleston. They shoul dhave left well enough alone and stayed out of TV after their show. Ginger can not find anything but termites, and Richard is an egostistical idiot.

  3. Richard C. Davis is a great role model for anyone contemplating their own business. He has his faults, like any person. He should definitely stop trying to demolish the homes, because he seems to cause more damage than intended (meaning he is costing himself money).

    He has a level 2 business, which is a successful business with (mostly) competent people. To reach level 3, where he can walk away from the company for weeks at a time without problem, he must provide more training and authority to his trusted inner circle. I understand he likes running the business. I just think that should be his choice, rather than his burden. The business should be capable of running on autopilot for several weeks/months at a time without his involvement. Then he can choose to be there because he *wants* to be there, rather than he *needs* to be there.

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