A pair of pants worth $65 million

This is hilarious. Roy Pearson, a ?Washington D.C. administrative law judge sued a dry cleaner because they lost his pants. And he wants $65,462,500. He says he’s entitled to that $65 million because he’s had? .mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort..

Wow. We’ve all had a favorite pair of pants. But if mine were lost, I don’t think I’d have $65 million worth of anguish over it.

Pearson dropped off a pair of pants in 2005 to have them altered. When he came back to pick them up, he was presented with the wrong pair of pants. (Pearson is also upset because the pants weren’t done on the same day he dropped them off, and he says the “Same Day Service” sign on the wall is therefore fraudulent.)

Pearson demanded $1,150 from the drycleaners to buy a new suit, and later the owners offered him $3,000, then $4,600, then $12,000 to settle. Instead Pearson wants $65 million based upon a consumer protection law that specifies damages of $1,500 per violation per day.

Even funnier is the idea that the drycleaner should pay for Pearson to rent a car. Yes, that’s what he’s saying. You see, the drycleaner he’s suing is in his neighborhood. Now Pearson can’t go there and has to rent a car every weekend to drive to a different drycleaner. He says that’s worth $15,000.

2 thoughts on “A pair of pants worth $65 million”

  1. Wonder if this judge has an ambulance in his back yard. At one time he MUST have been an embulance chaser. Let’s see I would describe him as having no scruples, likes the attention he is getting, and most important he gets to ruin a family in the process. This man sits on bench? Where is our justice system when someone like this person is abusing it.

  2. This is completely pathetic. I have mental anguish on a daily basis and I don’t go around handing out lawsuits over it. Much less lawsuits over a pair of pants. I think that this guy has some kind of serious mental issues if he’s so attached to these pants and has such a huge persecution complex that he thinks he can sue for their loss. Also, how bad is this country getting that these people are planning on going back home to South Korea because of things like this?

    Jude Pearson obviously also has WAY too much time on his hands. I mean, is he an ex-judge, or ex-lawyer or something? Doesn’t he have other stuff he could be doing? Where does he find the time to pursue frivolous lawsuits AND do his job (presiding over frivolous lawsuits)?

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