Trademark Properties Is Back!


trademark.jpgRichard Davis and Trademark Properties are finally back with their new television show “The Real Deal.” The company was previously on A&E with their show Flip This House, but litigation put a stop to the show. A&E hired some really lame replacements to do the show, but it was never the same.

Now Davis is on TLC with the new show. I’ve watched the last couple of weeks, and the show is as great as ever. The crew is buying properties and fixing them up super-fast, which makes for great television. Kudos to Richard, Ginger and crew for coming back in style!

8 thoughts on “Trademark Properties Is Back!

  1. Lori Hardy

    I just loved you guys on A&E, and was wondering what happened to the show. I am happy to hear you’re back and on TLC. I will look for the show there.

  2. jeff chandler

    What happened to the original crew? I really missed the original contractor (I can’t remember his name). With all of the new show revolving around Richard and Ginger you wonder if something is going on between them.

  3. Jackie Oke

    Glad to have Trademark Properties back on tv. A & E made a big mistake as what they have now on FTH is ‘crap’.

  4. Jackie Rassel

    Thank you Ginger. My house looks great and you picked the colors. You chose a Taupe siding to use on a house with a red roof and and trim, it turned out great so I did the same. Complements from everyone. Thank you, thank you.

  5. chuck boyd

    i know of a couple with a heart wrenching story and are doing all they can to survive.even as much as to take aa condemed house of his father’s and fix it for them to live in. how might their house get flipped? I will do as much as i can to help. Would someone please give me some direction. Thanks chuck.

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