Another posting today from the Usana insider

stock price is everything. unless i was in the company how would i know that today we wired to canaccord adams 4,225,635 for a purchase of 113,000 shares and yesterday we wired 996,988.10 for purchase of 25,400 shares. on may 31 we wired 1,499,966.25 for purchase of 37,500 shares.

we say we ignore the perception outside but watch our actions. we are the only purchaser of this stock but cannot let the public know that. all you stock folks verify where buying came from since may 30 or call direct to confirm. public company’s cannot lie about stock buys. press this issue.

the stock price is everything. it is how perception is measured. we conceal repurchases hoping to attract fresh buyers. create the impression all is fine. what kind of people run a company this way? the kind that know how much there is to hide. check these repurchases. know we are the only buyer. could not live with myself if I did not get this out today.

i will post this message shortly.

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