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Insider Post Myron Wentz stock street name

dr wentz took 45,425 shares from account ending in 088 and placed it at cannacord adams and put it in street name. no crime but check to see if it was sold without the form. it is at least pledged and is in a dta depository trust company. now that account has 80,425. the account ending in 130 with 4,509,470 shares is broken down in four five hundred thousand certificates and one for two million five hinder four thousand seven hundred thirty five is the one to watch. there is more to this. the other certificate in that lot is for 4,735 which is the hush money certificate. i have a new ally. the quarter is bad and will be masked in new associate numbers from incentives contests. our thought is by serving the minkow suit and some day trading games the attention will move off of poor performance to things will improve because of our now served law suit. i saw a lawyer last week. she said there is hope for me coming forward. i am not the one who betrayed this company.

i will post this message shortly but timmer is so obsessed it is hard to even log on.

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