Usana Insider Posts for the Last Time


Insider Post Dramatic Exit

movies are the place where i find escape from guilt and shame. in the movies there is an ending that is not soon forgotten. this post is my exit and will live up to the promise made about providing proof of false earnings. the company released false earnings in the second quarter. the quarter was not successful. you will find all the proof you need from the following cash payments made to the salt lake city based construction company. numbers and accountants confuse me. lies do not. barbara’s computer receives monthly statements from camco. a mailed bill and emailed bill.

in the quarter just released by us the amount of money cash paid for the construction project were a lie. big inflated lie. here is the key to unlocking the lie. two jobs with camco current and ongoing. The 13,046,700 ‘usana 3’ job and the 5,300,000 ‘usana warehouse’ project. total job at headquarters appr 18,346,700.

payments made in 07 to camco from us are much less than we reported. follow these payments. January 802,727 february 885,644 march 790,348 april 748,226 may 852,047 june 303,725. we have paid 10,006,700 for ‘usana 3’ and 303,725 for proj. ‘warehouse’. Still due is 3,040,000 for ‘usana 3’ and 5,000,000 for warehouse. the permit for the warehouse was 27,600 paid in april 07. total paid with both proj. 10,338,025 and amount still due for projects is 8,040,000.

there is a payment now late to camco for 922,000 past due and not paid as buying stock is the preference. the terms used for payments are draws and progressive and retention. stay focused on cash paid out to camco. compare it with what we did pay to camco in the second quarter. much less was paid than what we said they received. something about a graveyard account. you have the proof.

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