Ladd McNamara Must Have Seen an Attorney


Ladd McNamara MD Usana FraudFinally, Ladd McNamara is living in reality. For quite some time, this Usana supporter, high level distributor, and former member of the Usana Medical Advisory Board has been illegally referring to himself as a doctor and an M.D.

Illegally? Well that’s according to the California rules, and McNamara lives in California. He has no medical license in California (or anywhere else, for that matter, since Ohio and Georgia don’t let him practice medicine either) and according to an article in the National Business Review he’s not allowed to say he’s a doctor:

But according to Candis Cohen of the State Medical Board of California, where Mr McNamara currently lives, “He is so wrong…As long as he’s living here he can’t call himself ‘MD’ or ‘doctor’ or ‘physician’ unless he has a California medical license.”

But if you’ve been following the Usana Health Sciences saga, you must now be well aware that the rules do not apply to Usana. Nope. The CFO should be able to call himself a CPA even though he has no license.

Material disclosures under the Securities and Exchange Commission rules? Be quiet. Usana will tell you what’s material and what’s not. Falsified credentials and lack of disclosure about distributor failure rates and distributor incomes is not material. No need to disclose or be truthful in disclosure.

So here’s where we get to today’s good part. Good old Ladd McNamara was giving the finger to regulatory bodies in California with a blog that proudly proclaimed he was a doctor and a M.D. Wait! Didn’t I just say the rules in California don’t allow him to do that?

Well aside from the “shut up, we’re Usana” rule, yes, the rules prohibit it. Here’s what Ladd had on his blog (Click on the graphic to see it full size.)

Ladd McNamara Usana

Ladd must have finally consulted an attorney, because the site now shows this:

Ladd McNamara Unlicensed Doctor

And the testimonial from Ray Strand which had him standing behind “Dr. McNamara” now has him standing by Ladd McNamara.


It was probably good for McNamara to come to his senses on this issue. I do hope the State of California goes after him for breaking the rules for so long, if for no other reason, than to prevent him from getting a medical license there. One can hope.

Now if Ladd would just choose his friends a little more carefully… He had a post on his other blog called “Things You Need to Know About Ladd McNamara” about Len Clements. See here (Click on the image to view it full size.):


Len Clements MLM Attack

The post isn’t on McNamara’s blog at the moment and I have no idea why he may have removed it. He does have some links to Len’s really cool looking website on the blog. But this post is gone at the moment.

McNamara apparently isn’t aware that no real professional takes anything in that report by Len Clements seriously. Hence why no one is willing to actually pay Len Clements for his services, and why Usana won’t even acknowledge that he’s on their side.

Too bad that the one or two legitimate points that Len Clements might have made in that report were overshadowed by silly insults, incorrect information, unfounded accusations, and poor grammar. How long until Len Clements is crying again that the media doesn’t read or cite his reports? Because they recognize Len Clements and his “work” as irrelevant.

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  1. john doe

    Will Ladd be punished/prosecuted for breaking the law when he wrote that guy a prescription in california without a medical license?

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