Steroid Ring Involving 37 Chinese Companies


The Drug Enforcement Administration now estimates that 99% of illegal steroids being with chemicals from China. “Operation Raw Deal,” related to illegal steroids has resulted in 124 arrests and the identification of 37 companies in China supplying the drugs.

Those arrested have been charged with distributing chemicals acquired in China and with setting up labs in their homes to turn these chemicals into pills and injectable liquid steroids. The chemicals in question are illegal to purchase without a prescription and cannot be sold without a DEA license to do so.

The federal authorities conducted 143 search warrants and seized $6.5 million in cash, 25 vehicles, 3 boats, 27 pill presses, and 71 weapons.

The DEA identified many unrelated distribution rings, and says that there is not a “kingpin” related to this investigation. As with many modern crimes, the perpetrators were using the anonymity of the internet to further their crimes.

One thought on “Steroid Ring Involving 37 Chinese Companies

  1. Boy I’m glad that we’ve beaten terrorism, and have stemmed the flow of cocaine and heroin into the country, and can now focus on those DANGEROUS performance enhancing drug users!

    I have to LOL at the “anonymity” thing. Most guys selling steroids on bodybuilding forums have a pitch something like this: “Dood! You need teh juice!? I take PayPal, email me at [email protected] and I’ll hook U up!” How anonymous is that?

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