Usana: Sell Now or Forever Hold Your Peace?


The Usana executive in the best position to know how factually accurate the Fraud Discovery Institute allegations about Cheating in China … keeps unloading his Usana stock. Go, Bradford Richardson! Richardson is Usana’s Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific. Sounds like someone who knows firsthand about how badly Usana breaks China’s laws, and therefore how untrue Usana’s SEC filings are in regard to the company’s activity in China.

Here’s Richardson’s stock sales, totaling over $1 million since the October 18 release of the Cheating in China report:

I could be way off base here, but isn’t it possible that this guy knows all about the cheating in China and knows that it will very soon catch up with Usana… and he’s selling while his stock is stock is still worth something? Naaaaah… I’m sure that can’t be it.

4 thoughts on “Usana: Sell Now or Forever Hold Your Peace?

  1. Zac Bissonnette


    And I bet you also think Myron Wentz moved everything to Lichtenstein for some kind of nefarious purpose!

    Sometimes stuff happens for no reason! The VP of Asia probably just sold so he’d have money for Christmas gifts.


  2. I think USANA told Bradford Richardson to take as much money as he can from his stock because he’s about to be fired. They will throw him under the bus and blame the China fraud on him. Does anyone have a way to see if his stock was repurchased by USANA?

    As far as Christmas gifts go, Are the gifts actually from Bradford, or the failing distributors?

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