Some of My Articles From Last Week on AOL’s Personal Finance Blog WalletPop

Last week on WalletPop, I was blogging about…

Can you get rich by blogging? – You can make money blogging, but the big bucks are reserved for group blogs run as businesses.

Condo market questionable for the near future – If you’re in the market for a condo, you might do better with a new condo.

Tax Freedom Day comes three days earlier than last year – We still pay way too much in taxes. I wonder why politicians won’t let us keep our money and spend it how we see fit.

Good news! The U.S. economy is growing! – Tired of all the doom and gloom from the media!

In the market for a new car? Discounts all around! – Great deals if you’re interested in buying new.

Tax Tips: Cashing out your 401(k) early – Want to lose 50% of your money? Cash out your 401(k) early.

Debt consolidation might be the worst move you’ve ever made – Rolling credit card debt into a home equity loan doesn’t make you smarter with your money.

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