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Yesterday there was a shameful protest in support of a man who, while drunk, stepped on the gas pedal of his car and dragged a Milwaukee police officer with the car. That police officer is lucky to be alive.

But the Hmong community feels sorry for the criminal, Koua Moua, who got a black and swollen eye while he tried to resist arrest. Note that there were several eye witnesses to this incident, including one who was on the phone after calling 911 and narrated the process of Moua dragging this officer with his car. The alleged “brutality” occurred while police tried to get him to stop the car and be arrested.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

On the evening of Feb. 17, Officer Kelly Patrick was investigating a report of a reckless driver when he attempted to get Moua out of a vehicle, and the man refused. Moua then turned on the vehicle, put it in gear and began to drive forward. Parker unholstered his weapon, moved to the driver’s side and ordered Moua to get out.

Moua stopped, and Parker secured his weapon and opened the driver’s side door, the complaint said. Moua refused to get out and began driving forward, dragging Parker, who then struck the defendant in the face with his police radio, pulled him from the vehicle and wrestled him to the ground.

At a news conference last week, Flynn said Parker hit Moua only once and did so because he feared for his safety. Flynn said an internal investigation into criminal behavior cleared Parker. Additionally, Flynn played two 911 tapes that seemed to corroborate the officer’s story, he said.

New Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn rightfully stood up for his officers, according to the newspaper:

Flynn said he would not be a “punching bag for a group of people looking to develop a constituency . . . especially when the life of an officer was at risk.”

Leaders in the Hmong community expect us to believe that this is a “diversity” issue. Wrong. It’s about a criminal who inflicted harm upon a police officer when he didn’t want to be arrested. That’s not acceptable, period.

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