Important Political Races Won By the Right People Yesterday


Mike Gableman – Loophole Louie Butler was knocked off the Wisconsin Supreme Court yesterday. He can take his love of criminals and legal loopholes somewhere else. This is the first time in 40 years that a justice running for re-election has lost. But it was the perfect time…. swinging the votes back toward the right. Lefty groups like the Greater Wisconsin Committee and Wisconsin Education Association Council (teachers’ union) supported Butler.

Milele Coggs – Coggs defeated jailbird alderman Michael McGee (fond of referring to himself as “The Alderman”). The city of Milwaukee can now stop paying him his $70k salary plus auto allowance while he’s locked up for his crimes. Sadly, Coggs appeared completely clueless last night on television. It’s likely that she won largely on the name recognition of her family. I fear she has no idea what she’s going to do for her district, but at least ousting McGee was a step in the right direction.

Scott Walker – The race against the incompetent politician Lena Taylor was won handily, and the voters did the right thing by re-electing Walker. He is about the only politician in the state who has demonstrated his commitment to holding his line on taxes. (While the rest of the politicians merely pay lip service to holding down taxes.) The early returns in the race showed it was closer, but by the time all the votes were tallied, Walker had run away with it. Taylor says she would have won if she had more time to campaign and more money to do it with. *snicker*

And finally, the “frankenstein” veto is finally gone. The state laws previously allowed the governor to cross out any words that he wanted when making bills into laws. That means that he could essentially change those bills to be laws that no one intended them to be. That is over. He will no longer be able to make those changes.

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