Milwaukee Mayor Wants to Raise Property Taxes 26%

Milwaukee politicians are crying “woe is me” like they do every year. This year rising fuel costs probably pay a big part in budget difficulties, but I’m immune to their crying. Every year they keep raising property taxes, and every year I’m left feeling that they’re wasting my money.

Don’t read this article if you don’t want to lose your breakfast. Mayor Tom Barrett is proposing a budget that would increase property taxes by 26%, or $60.2 million. That will cause the tax rate to go from $8.00 per thousand to $9.50 per thousand of assessed value.

And that’s just the city’s portion of property taxes. We’ve also got the state, the sewerage district, the public schools (MPS is asking for an increase), the technical college (they’re asking for a 4.9% increase in taxes), and the county to take their portion. I’m curious as to how politicians think homeowners are going to pay for these increases?

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