McGee “Potential”…. For What?

Racist Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane weighed in today on the conviction of former Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee (who sometimes used the name Michael Jackson when skirting laws).

His reaction is not much of a surprise. McGee was set up. A witness “got” McGee to say things that convicted him. (If that’s what you call McGee bragging about his crimes.) The government was much too harsh on McGee. There’s a grand conspiracy. But on a positive note, he didn’t shake down blacks… just Arabs and Indians. (Kane’s words, not mine.)

But the funniest part of his column was this:

Covering McGee’s career path from rabble-rousing politician to convicted felon has been a fascinating journey, but I suspect the ride is just about over. I think the best way to describe McGee’s incredible downfall is a waste of potential. In person, he possessed the kind of political talent and charisma that makes for good leadership, but it’s clear McGee lacked the self-control to allow that potential to pay off.

Potential? What potential? We’re talking about an uneducated, inexperienced idiot who never had any management or career success. It’s not even clear if he’s ever held a real job for any length of time. He is your average thug (and apparently not a good one, at that) who was clueless when it came to doing business at all, much less the right way.

He brought nothing to the Common Council in the way of experience or expertise. He contributed nothing of value to the Common Council. He was, quite simply, a loser who got elected on the basis of his name and the hope that he could “get ours” for the “downtrodden” in his district. And he never really helped “his people” in any meaningful way.

Good riddance, McGee.

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