Len Clements: Usana Distributor With “Seasoned” Associate Number

Len Clements UsanaWell, well, well. Leonard Clements, defender of Usana to his death, former “executive” of multi-level marketing company Zenza, failed business owner… is now a Usana distributor.

But he’s not just any distributor. No, any distributor number would not do for Len Clements. He’s got the number 47278, which is an old, old number. (We’re talking 15 years old.) Why would someone want an old number? Because it comes with an established downline.

This distributor number formerly belonged to Christine Cunningham, who was a Silver Director.

How do you new distributors feel about the ability of Len Clements to get his hands on an established downline?

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Could this be Lenny’s reward for all his Barry Minkow bashing? Usana executives give Len Clements a nice downline? He certainly couldn’t purchase the downline, not if he’s as broke as his acquaintances say he is. Yet his page calls him an “associate” which would imply no Len W. Clements MLM Addictdownline. Or would it? What if only one leg of his downline was filled? Then technically Len Clements would only be an associate until he starts filling the other leg. What do you think?

Credit goes to TerminatedRamp for digging up this nice little bit of information.


Thanks to Emily on the Yahoo board for pointing this out: Len Clements now appears to owe someone $100,000 because he has received something of value from Usana (in addition that expenses-paid trip to the convention that Usana has him on as we speak!). Click to see the image below full size:


  1. patrick maitland

    Then there’s only YOU left in the quest to expose Usana for what it is! an overpiced overhyped scam. Go Tracy!

    Can you tell me who is pursuing the accusations against Usana if Minkow is no longer doing it? and whether the cheating in china case in progressing?

  2. Leonard Wayne Clements was awarded a pre-existing distributor position from USANA Health Sciences near the end of August 2008. This was after Len attempted to defend USANA for the past 18 months against a flood of fraud allegations that hit the company. The company never once defended themselves against the allegations, but Len Clements did it for them. Now USANA gave him a vacated Distributor Position within the company that already has well over 100 distributors in its downline.

    Len Clements claims that he was not “awarded” the distributor position, and followed the company’s policies and procedures for a Transfer of Distributorship. However, the policy requires the distributorship be transferred from the previous account owner to the new account owner. Unfortunately for Len, the previous account owner had already left the company and the position was an empty spot that remains within the hierarchy of distributors.

    The policies and procedures does not allow the company to give existing distributor positions to their buddies.

    Len Clements recently left ZENZA. He was their Vice President of Market Research of Zenza Life Sciences, LLC. The word now is that he also used to be a distributor for the company as well! Does he plan to move his existing downline from Zenza to his new position at USANA? I will be keeping a very close eye on that!

    Here are three questions I ask Len:
    1) How many people are in your downline on the leg you claim “doesn’t even always max out”?

    2) What else did USANA give you?

    3) Did you converse with Christine Cunningham personally to buy her USANA Business? Or did you converse with USANA, and USANA gave you that business center after Christine already left?

    Here is Len Clement’s response:
    term, I’ve explained in detail exactly why I am not going to answer any more of your questions about my acquiring this position. I clearly told you that I know you are not seeking any truths here, you are simply trolling for more fodder that you can spin and distort. Yet, you continue to ask these same questions over and over. So I must ask you…

    1. Are you just ignoring my answer?

    2. Are you illiterate?

    3. Are you just stupid?


    Why does Len REFUSE to answer 3 simple questions? Seems obvious to me!

  3. CONFIRMED: Len Clements Was a Zenza Distributor.

    An email exchange with John Milton Fogg confirms that Len Clements was not only VP of Market Research for Zenza, but was also a Distributor for Zenza. Len Clements recruited John Milton Fogg and that is how he knows Len was a distributor. John Milton Fogg was in Len Clement’s downline!

    Why is this a big deal? Because Len Clements never disclosed it. Not only that, but Len Clements even denied it!

    Here is what Len Clements wrote on the Yahoo USANA message board (posting has since been removed): “You are so ignorant as to the facts of my relationship with Zenza that you don’t even know I was corporate, not a distributor! ” (Link)

    I can’t wait to find out why Len Clement’s denied being a Zenza Distributor. Not only that, but currently there is apparently a lawsuit going on between Zenza and Len Clements.

    Here’s what John Milton Fogg wrote back: (My Question in Bold, John’s Response in Italics)

    John Fogg,

    I recall listening to a conference call where Len Clements introduces you to Zenza where you were hesitant to join for a while until Len convinced you to join. Was Leonard Clements your sponsor (immediate upline member) in Zenza?


    I cannot find anything on the internet about Len Clements actually being a distributor in Zenza.

    He was (he’s no longer affiliated with the company) a distributor and was on the corporate side as well. He sponsored me and some number of others. You’d need to ask him who.

    Someone mentioned to me a while back that Len Clements is a distributor who recruited you into Zenza, which placed you in his downline. I’m just trying to get the facts straight.


    I’d love to know what the readers here think of this.

  4. shiloh

    This is the first time that I see this website and I realized that there are a lot of people who obviously have nothing better to do with their time than stick their noses into other people business.

    I never leave comments for any posts but I’m just wondering, what does it do to you people to find out all about what this Clemens guy is doing? Gosh, such a lot of wasted energy…

    Get a life people!

  5. InfoGuy

    I have just been introduced to Len and his ways. I am learning real quick that I I don’t have much respect for the guy.

    I just read your findings and would also like to add that I just went to Len’s website and nowhere does it mention that he was ever a Zenza distributor. He lists all of his distributorships since 1979 – present and Zanza is not listed.

    Sure makes me think there is something to Mr. Clements that I do not like.

  6. Doo Dilly

    FYI: Mr. Clements has been busy lately. First, he had a meltdown at the MLM forums–the threads have been deleted, but he managed to alienate a lot of pro-MLMers. Then he became an administrator at the largest scam forum and banned an anti-MLM moderator (soapboxmom, who has saved some of his rants on her web site). Then he re-emerged at Quatloos to keep defending his position.

    Yesterday, he started posting on the James Randi forums, and he brought your name up, Tracy. (Were your ears burning? LOL) Not to worry–they weren’t buyin’ what he was sellin’:

  7. Tracy Coenen

    Poor Len. He lives in an alternate reality. What a shame he believes that not allowing him to dirty up my website is somehow a First Amendment issue. Someone ought to tell him that the First Amendment relates to the government allowing free speech.

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