The Sarah Palin Pregnancy Cover-Up That Wasn’t (Updated)


I’m predicting that the dust-up concerning Sarah Palin’s youngest child, Trig, is all fabricated. Bloggers like one at The Daily Kos are going so far as to declare that he is definitely the child of her 16 year-old daughter, Bristol. But they don’t let silly little things like concrete evidence deter them. They have no real proof. Just speculation and some pictures they think are sketchy.

Here’s the “evidence” cited in support of the ridiculous claim:

  • Sarah Palin waited to announce the pregnancy until March, when she was about 7 months along
  • None of her staffers knew or suspected that she was pregnant
  • Pictures during her pregnancy show her looking tiny
  • A “baby bump” on Bristol in family pictures
  • Bristol’s absence from school for a period of 5 months to 8 months, reportedly because she had mononucleosis
  • Trig was 6.2 pounds at birth (supposedly too big to have shown so small on Sarah)
  • The hospital where Trig was born doesn’t list him on the public web page listing births
  • A picture of Sarah during her first pregnancy shows her much bigger

The pictures that supposedly prove this conspiracy theory are shown below. I don’t buy the idea that there was a cover-up. The main reason? Because it was too sloppy, if that’s what it was. If Sarah was trying to fake a pregnancy, would she knowingly be tiny? Or would she have bulked up to make it more believable?

If Bristol was hiding a pregnancy, would she be wearing a tight-ish top in public, family pictures? Or would she have worn something that would conceal it at least a little. (Newsflash: Teenagers do gain and lose weight!)

I refuse to believe that the Palins, a highly public family, would engage in such a poor cover-up regarding a pregnancy. If they really wanted to fool the public, they would have been far more careful to make the pregnancy story believable.

What a shame that the Palin family, especially Bristol, has to be smeared in such a hateful way.

UPDATE 1: A picture that the conspiracy theorists aren’t posting with their outlandish claims. This is reportedly a picture taken 8 days before Trig was born, and Sarah sure looks pregnant to me!

UPDATE 2: The family photo above was reportedly taken in 2006, debunking the rumors that Bristol was pregnant in late 2007 and early 2008.

The image below was posted by a writer on The Daily Kos to help debunk the Sarah Palin pregnancy lies. She looks awfully pregnant to me! The writer rightfully points out that the other Kos blogger who was promoting the horrible lies didn’t post pictures like this because it didn’t fit the lie that was being promoted. You got that right!

UPDATE 3: And this picture was posted at, again debunking the lie that Sarah Palin wasn’t really pregnant with Trig.

79 thoughts on “The Sarah Palin Pregnancy Cover-Up That Wasn’t (Updated)

  1. Suzanne

    I’m with you! I spent some time yesterday reading all sorts of blogs and comments about this story and it was amazing seeing how the game ‘telephone’ changes the stories. By the end of a series of comments Sarah Palin had flown 13 hours while in labor! To name one of the idiotic rumors that people twist and spread.

    I agree that any cover up would be better orchestrated. In particular, why would she lie about her medical status during her flight back from Texas while leaking amniotic fluid. She was honest about that even if to some people it made her look bad. If she were simply scurrying back home to fake a birth there’s no need to fabricate such a crazy lie!

  2. You know, considering that this was a subplot on last season’s Desperate Housewives, the hatchet jobbers are not demonstrating much originality or creativity.

  3. Brian Tankersley

    I really feel sorry for the girl (Bristol), although I’m excited for her as well (as I have a young son, and nothing is more fun than kids). It’s got to be hard to have a parent who is on the national stage (especially one whose mother makes liberals mad) and to be under constant scrutiny. The reality of it is that Bristol (and the rest of the Palin kids) were going to have to grow up instantly either way. Kids of politicians (especially conservative politicians) don’t get a pass. If you think of this poor girl (and the Bush twins) and infer conservatives are the only people who do ill-advised things as teenagers, read about Albert Gore III (,…. I wish the media would accord Bristol the same discretion that they accorded Al III, as I’ve documented two run-ins with the law, and another site ( indicates that the family has had many issues which were not splashed across the front page of every newspaper in the country.

    I think the best thing we can do is pray for Bristol, the father, and the rest of their family. People can and will say all kinds of awful things, but I think it speaks to the family’s personal integrity that they haven’t backed away from Sarah being in a national campaign. The reality of all of this is that none of the kids get a pass in these situations, and although they benefit in the long run from their parent’s career achievements, they also don’t get a chance to choose the anonymity of their youthful indiscretions either…. a pity.

  4. Mom_In_Brooklyn

    Let me tell you what gave this story credibility to me. There was a picture of Sarah Palin from another pregnancy where she looked like a regular pregnant woman. In that picture she was younger and this child preceeded Trig. In the video of her discussing hiking, her stomach does not protrude past her breasts and she is supposedly five or six months in that picture.
    Then there is the absolutely mind boggling decision to get on a plane, after her membranes had ruptured to fly home to Alaska rather than go and be treated at a Texas hospital. Its not like this woman had Medicaid. She could have gotten excellent medical care for premature labor anywhere.

    Regardless, this doubt predates this election. She could have cleared all of this before. Now its being labeled a smear campaign by Obama supporters. The only one who has benefitted from this in any way is the Mccain team. This has energized the base.

  5. The last pic here of Palin was taken during her fourth pregnancy, in the town hall in Wasilla. Check the face – several years younger than it appears in pic known to be taken earlier this year when she was alleged to be pregnant. Face it … there just are NO pictures of her from March to April of this year that show her pregnant. Find the pictures taken at the Governor’s Energy meeting in Texas when she said she went into labor. She’s a small time politician who is on record for using her office to bully others into doing her bidding. Of course she could get a local doctor, even a local hospital to say what she needed them to say. And she is sooo unsophisticated – this is exactly the chain of stories a woman like her would tell, thinking she was so much smarter than the rest of the world that no one would question it. Read the Alaskan newspaper reports on her pregnancy. They rather artfully express total disbelief. This “rumor” hasn’t gained momentum on the net because it’s untrue. It’s gained momentum precisely because all the divergent pieces do fit perfectly together to form a cover-up perpetuated to protect and even enhance her chances to be named VP. You all just need to start thinking like a marginally educated backwoods girl with political ambitions that far exceed her intelligence and sophistication. Get your head there – and you will see how she dreamed this up. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The admission of the daughter’s pregnancy is practically a GOP admission that there is more to this – but this way they can throw out the “kids off limits” shroud to keep the mainstream media at bay. Let’s not forget that is was The National Enquirer’s persistance for months that uncovered the John Edward’s story – because they actually do know there are no rules when in pursuit of truths that affect the political stability of our nation. The GOP ticket will not be able to stand up to this much scrutiny for very long. They are just buying time to find a dignified way out of this VP pick.

  6. Tracy Coenen

    Anita – Spoken like a true looney from the left! You can do math, can’t you? Because if you can, you would see that Bristol couldn’t have been pregnant with Trig. But don’t let silly things like FACTS get in the way of your conspiracy theory!

  7. Tracy Coenen

    Mom In Brooklyn – So you feel qualified to tell us exactly how a woman should look during each of her pregnancies, and if they don’t look as you say they should, then the pregnancy is faked?

  8. Tracy – Did you notice the RN after my name? I have a little more medical expertise on pregnancy than your average left wing looney liberal. In fact, I began my nursing career at the largest high risk maternity hospital in the country. I have seen it all – and this whole pregnancy story of Palin’s stunk from the moment I first heard it. There is just something wrong – very, very wrong – with this woman. How do we know the daughter is even pregnant now – on Governor Palin’s word alone? She boldly told the whole nation how she said “thanks, no thanks” to the Bridge from Nowhere – while the legislative record in Alaska is pretty undeniable proof that she was actually in favor of that bridge – unti the federal government withdrew the earmark ON ITS OWN, not because the Governor turned it down. She actually eventually accepted the money. And she served as a director on a 527 committee raising corporate donations in the name of Sen. Ted Stevens – one of those corrupt polticians she said on Friday that she has fiercely fought. Her whole story is starting to unravel – and behind closed doors, the GOP faithful are madder than hell. All of you feel betrayed, and you should. McCain’s people were so distracted by the perfection of her story – they did not bother to fully vet her. And now the party is paying for it. Sorry – but the facts are the facts and they are beginning to pile up no matter how much the GOP faithful cry “foul” or try to label this a “smear campaign”. The GOP should dump her now while they still have time to get a legitimate VP from the many very good candidates they have.

  9. Allisdair Merrywhite

    Anita, having an “RN” after your name doesn’t mean you’re super smart, it just means you’re trainable; BIG distinction.

  10. RunDoctor

    Trig has Down Syndrome which goes along with Palin’s “advanced maternal age.” Down Syndrome is fairly uncommon in teenage pregnancies.

    What I want to know is Track’s birthday (her oldest son). Why are there websites saying he’s born “around” and “circa” 1989 or 1990. What is his actual birthday??! Sarah Palin eloped 20 years ago and now has a 19 year old son. She says she eloped to save money, but you can get married for cheap without having to elope. So was she pregnant or not on her wedding day??

  11. No, Tracy, the RN after my name does not mean I’m super smart. But the MSN, NP, and soon to be PhD just might. If several states trust me to teach nursing at a post-secondary level, I suspect I may just be smarter than the average bear. Nothing amuses me more than the depths of personal insult the GOP faithful will stoop to when they find themselves with an totally indefensible candidate. Sorry – but if Palin actually was pregnant when she made that crazy trip to Texas and back when she herself says she was in premature labor – then she is one of the most careless, negligent high-risk pregnant woman I know of. If she were young, black , poor and unmarried and pulled the same high risk stunt – someone from Children’s Services would have been standing outside the delivery room door to take that child into their care until she could prove herself a competent mother, especially with a special needs newborn. All health care providers are required by law to report suspected child abuse – and that is legally what her “stunt” amounts to. And if we can’t trust her to seek the proper medically-indicated care for her unborn child – how can we trust her with the lives of 300 million Americans who are comparative strangers to her? I’ve also been a student of politics since the Kennedy era. If all these “babygate rumors” buzzing around the internet did not have some kernel of truth – Governor Palin and her GOP handlers would not have been so quick to respond to them with this latest story of her daughter being pregnant. Check your history books. Candidates at the national level simply don’t respond to rumors that have no merit, and eventually they just go away. This one has grown legs – and been given more steam by the GOPs rapid attemt to quiet it. And RunDoctor – actually, there is a pretty high incidence of Down Syndrome in young mothers, younger than the ideal child-bearing years. In fact, in my experience, a 16 year old would be more likely to have a Down Syndrome baby than a 44 year old mother in good health and not in peri-menopause.

  12. Tracy Coenen

    Anita – I never questioned your intelligence. Someone else did. I simply pointed out that you’re purposely ignoring the facts presented through simple math: Trig can’t be Bristol’s baby.

    Although I do find it amusing that the lefties are saying Sarah wasn’t pregnant, yet crucifying her for getting on a plane prior to giving birth. You can’t have it both ways: Either she was pregnant or she wasn’t.

    Again, the lefties aren’t going to let something so silly as facts stand in their way when there’s a conservative to smear!

  13. kenzier

    Tracy, you are the one circumventing and side-stepping. Anita has posed some very good arguments, that you are very obviously turning a deaf ear to. I mean that with all due respect.

    Trig could be Bristol’s baby. We have no idea if Bristol truly is five months pregnant or not. The issued statement of Bristol’s current pregnancy made a point of stating that she is five months along, which, in itself is suspect because that is SUPPOSED to lead everyone to the alleged mathematical conclusion that Bristol could not be Trig’s mother. She could very well be only three months along, or even less. I was conceived a mere month and a half after my other sister’s birth.

    The whole thing is very suspect, and part of being an EDUCATED voter is never taking anything at face value, doing independent research, and knowing that EVERY politician lies. It’s what they choose to lie about that matters–which is what makes me feel like this is not the paramount matter that everyone has chocked it up to be. The woman was embarrassed that her child was pregnant at a young age. It happens. It does concern me that Palin supports abstinence only sex education, and has raised a daughter who may have two teenage pregnancies under her belt. But, if anything, this is just a very well-timed and highly-publicized example of how abstinence only sex education is not good.

  14. Tracy Coenen

    I’m not “turning a deaf ear.” What we have here are some horrible, vicious allegations that have no proof behind them. Yet the left is spouting them as if they’re fact. All they have is speculation based upon some pictures, and the pictures presented by the left weren’t even complete, as you can see in my updates above.

    At the same time these vicious lies about Bristol are being promoted, people are crucifying Sarah for what they believe to be her circumstances surrounding her delivery. Well was she pregnant or not? Because you were trying to get me to believe that she was not pregnant. But now she is and you’re criticizing the birth. Note that I have not seen any confirmation of this birth story that is being repeated, likely with many inaccuracies.

    So the left has done a shoddy job of creating a smear campaign, and I think we ought to give the family a bit of dignity. There is no evidence of any cover-up of anything. This gossip mongering is hateful and hurtful (especially to the young ones) and should be stopped.

    The left needs to get a life and quit being so intimidated by the right’s VP pick. It’s clear that they’re running scared.

  15. Mr Bill

    Your forgetting that Bristol had an eight month bout of “mono” at the time (confirmed by the family) and the buzz around Alaska about the fake pregnancy PRECEDED the VP announcement. Yes, the rumor is from BEFORE she was chosen. People in her own state department knew it was BS!

  16. Lisa

    Tracy, I understand that it is against the unwritten code of honor for the right wing to critique any of its members, but how do you know that everyone raising questions about Palin’s integrity are from “the left”? Would it be disgraceful for a Republican to seek only the best for his/her own party. Would one not be offended by a person to selected to represent the “party of values” without t thorough investigation and clean slate. I would think that finding out the truth about the candidate who will be the VP for all Americans is in everyone’s interest. Blind loyalty is not only fodder for your opposition’s need for humor–it is dangerous. And stupid. And sad.

  17. Lisa

    –The typos in my previous post are, on the other hand, fair game for right wingers to snicker. I obvioulsy cannot multi-task…

  18. Tracy Coenen

    The “critique” street goes both ways – Lefties don’t criticize their own.

    And you know very well that all of this goes far beyond “critique,” and enters firmly into the land of disgraceful, shameful, hateful rumor mongering. Yes, the left is responsible for this.

    The difference is that the right is looking for the facts. The left is looking for a way to smear the candidates without regard for the truth or common decency. (Politics as usual, I guess.)

  19. Lisa

    Again, I ask, how do you know that “lefties” are responsible for the criticism. It seems to me that the mere fact that there is criticism at all is how you justify the label. You may be right, but it is a sad day, when you can rule out your own party members when a critical eye is being given to a candidate.
    I did not see websites calling Palin ugly names nor personally attacking her.
    I’m sorry, but an abstinence-onlu mother, who announces a pregnancy a month before delivery, who was not known to show hardly at all, with a daughter pulled out of school for months, with a delivery that, to date is skimpily documented, is fair game for a closer look. To take offense is to be ultra defensive, and with as mauch respect as I can muster, foolish. Democrats won’t be the only ones hurt if our country is ill-equipped, so they shouldn’t be the only ones questioning Gov. Palin’s integrity, resume and path to the VP. She only reflects on you if you jump in the bed SHE made…

  20. Lisa

    Final disclaimer: I can’t type worth crap!!
    And, for the record, none of my comments are issued on a personal level and I hope they are not received as such.

  21. Tracy Coenen

    You apparently haven’t spent much time reading websites attacking Sarah Palin and her family. I have seen them called horrible names and being accused of doing horrible things. It’s one thing to ask questions, it’s another thing to make hateful statements as if they are facts… without real proof to back them up.

    And oddly enough, these hateful attacks have all been on lefty websites. So I think my conclusion that the hatefulness is coming from the left is right on the mark.

  22. Tracy Coenen

    Note that inquiring (which is what I’ve seen conservatives doing regarding this matter) and hatefully attacking (which is coming from the left) are two different things.

  23. Darrig

    I think it is funny that DailyKos has taken down the 4 articles that they had on this lie that Trig was Bristols kid. I guess when you get caught in a lie you just remove evidence.

    Right, and the DemonRats are the “Honest” ones?

  24. StopTheMadness

    There’s too much hateful attacking on all sides. I’m impressed that at least this discussion mostly avoids personal attacks. I think what bothers a lot of people (lefties, centrists, others) is the possible hypocrisy. Remember Dan Quayle’s attack on Murphy Brown? And if the response is that, at least Bristol’s baby will have a father, is an 18-year-old father who says, on his Facebook page that he doesn’t want children, really better than a mature (though fictional) loving mother? But I digress: the main point is, there are hateful smears on both sides, distracting from important problems like the economy, military readiness, treatment of returning troops, national debt, failing infrastructure, heath care, education, energy, etc., etc.

  25. Tracy Coenen

    Daily Kos SHOULD take down those horrible, hateful articles. And they should also write a full retraction and should write a personal letter of apology to the Palin family.

  26. kenzier

    I would hardly say the the left is running scared to the VP pick. It looked like a very desperate move on McCain’s part, in my opinion, and I’m not even a liberal: I’m an independent.

    And must you be so partisan? People in this country would sooner pledge allegiance to politicians than to each other as citizens of this country. That’s such backward thinking. Most politicians aren’t looking out for you, and even fewer pundits are. We should be looking out for each other instead of letting our differences divide us.

    Nobody is stating these things as facts. They are speculating, though. Which, as citizens in a democratic government, are allowed and should be encouraged to do. Personally, I think this argument has some viability. There is a photograph confirmed to have been taken on Super Tuesday (Feb 5th, third photo in the sequence) where Palin is allegedly 6 months pregnant and there is NOTHING there. That is incredibly suspect coupled with the fact that Bristol was pulled from school for 5-8 months during that time. Something stinks, and people are allowed to think so.

    And considering that the Republicans have touted themselves as being the moral high ground following the Lewinsky scandal, I think this issue should be publicized. If this were say Barack Obama’s daughter (if she were 17), I’m sure the right would have no problem with such speculation. That’s called a double standard, which is the basis for hypocrisy.

    You should be happy that we live in a country where we are allowed to question and think for ourselves, instead of facing political consequences for such things. This is not a partisan issue. It’s an issue of dishonesty by a politician who claims to be grounded in family values and supports abstinence only sex education. If the rumors are true, Palin welcomed such speculation by shoddily covering up her teenage daughter’s pregnancy while taking a political stance that is in glaring opposition to events in her personal life.

  27. kenzier

    Also, the last two photographs were confirmed by another website as having been taken during Palin’s fourth pregnancy. The blogger should do more research.

  28. Tracy Coenen

    “It’s an issue of dishonesty by a politician…”

    Wow. You just said that as if there are actually some facts on your side, which there aren’t.

    Plenty of websites are repeating this cover-up stuff as fact, not as speculation or question-asking. Daily Kos is the best example (the writer even bragged about the fact that she was stating as an absolute fact) and there were plenty of other websites that claimed it as fact as well.

    Must I be so partisan? Why yes, I must. It’s called liberty and freedom. And I can choose to align myself with the Republican party if I want to.

    The pictures of Sarah prove nothing other than she was small during most of her pregnancy. That proves nothing.

  29. Tracy Coenen

    No, the last two pictures were not from the fourth pregnancy. They are from the Trig pregnancy. (Unless of course you can provide proof, which I challenge you to do and believe you cannot.)

  30. kenzier

    If indeed it does turn out to be true, it is dishonesty by a politician. You’re only mincing words.

    Are you are free to be partisan if you’d like, but it’s not really necessary to be so hateful and divisive. You’ll likely claim that these “attacks” are hateful and divisive, but they’re not. This matter is in the interest of truth, which, is of the utmost importance in the political realm. If I may, I suggest you pick up We the Purple by Marcia Ford. She’s put together a new spin on an old idea, one that I think is very relevant in our political climate.

    As for proof of those photos being from her fourth pregnancy, the proof is in the picture:

    I think the people of this country waste too much time fighting each other. We should be fighting for our right to elect leaders that are truly good civil servants who tell the truth, and don’t treat us like ignorant sheep. We do that by refusing to subscribe to doctrines, platforms, and politicians that leave us choosing between bad and worse.

    Happy campaigning!

  31. kenzier

    “Are you are free to be partisan if you’d like”

    That should be ‘YOU ARE free to be…”

    My brain works faster than my fingers sometimes. 🙂

  32. Tracy Coenen

    That doesn’t prove that the picture was from the fourth pregnancy. All it proves is that the camera was set to a certain date. Plenty of people have the wrong dates on their cameras. How do you know that his camera date wasn’t wrong because of a battery failure or a reset of the camera. A noble effort, but not proof!

  33. Tracy Coenen

    *sigh* None of those photos are proof of anything. If anything, they tend to disprove all the conspiracy theories.

  34. Tracy Coenen

    So Ken – Have you figured out yet that Palin doesn’t have a 3 year old so those pictures can’t be from 2005?

    Oops. There I go again with silly math and silly facts!

  35. I must agree with Anita RN that Sarah Palin’s actions in the early stages of labor are completely irresponsible. If she knew she was going to have a high-risk baby, why endanger the child’s life by flying home to Alaska? Just like every pregnancy is different, every birth is different. Just because you’ve had 4 kids doesn’t mean you know what is going to happen during your fifth delivery.

  36. Tracy Coenen

    West Coast – I have yet to see any proof that this actually happened. All I’ve seen are rumors about the birth of Trig. Where is the proof?

  37. I have been looking at alaskapodshow and all the “hikes of the week” in the bottom left corner they have a date and they are all posted a day or two after the date on the video… all except Gov. Palin. That one shows a date of 04/05/2008 and the post date says February … HHMM.. I am not saying that that it was altered. It could have been a technical error… I pray that all this doesnt cause anymore stress on that young girl than she already has but I would like for the truth the REAL truth to come out. I can respect that a lot more than what we are being given.

  38. Tracy Coenen

    When you say the “REAL” truth, you are saying that someone has been lying. There is no proof of that.

  39. NYC_Chic

    Let me start by saying, I don’t have a dog in this race and I WILL NOT BE VOTING THIS NOVEMBER.

    Tracy, there were several questions asked that I think you should answer.

    1. How do you justify a woman of advanced maternal age expecting a special needs baby, going into premature labor and then GETTING ON A PLANE to fly back to Alaska, rather than at least stopping in to get checked out in Texas, to make sure she isn’t dilating and that her amniotic fluid levels aren’t low? How in the world do you justify that?

    2. How do we know that Bristol Palin is in fact pregnant and how far along she is? Is there any independent verification of that?

    3. The rumors that Palin had faked her pregnancy PREDATE her being picked as VP. How then can they be sourced back to the “Left” or “liberals”?


  40. Tracy Coenen

    1. First of all, it hasn’t been proven that this happened, nor what the details are if it did happen. We are not her doctor, and we don’t know what happened. It would be irresponsible to pass judgment without facts.

    2. I believe the Palin family. Bristol Palin does not owe any of us “verification” of her pregnancy. She is not running for office, and it’s none of our business.

    3. The lies are being promoted by Lefties. That’s all I need to know. I don’t care when the lies started. All I know is they’re being spread and promoted by liberals.

    Thank you for not voting.

  41. Dont Bother

    first if it was meant to conceal, she would at some point have to fake the bump, it would be easy to do , ever here of a pillow. the mono excuse is common among faith based groups to explain the time away from the public, if nothing else the pics of bristols husband to be are very dishearting, drinking ,guns ,gamg signs, and blogs saying he doesnt ever want children.

    its a drama reality show in the making, I expect to see “sarahs house after dark ” on late night tv soon

  42. As a non partisan I dont need to promote left or right! There are many things that have “not been adding up” I do know that coinindences can occur and this may be one of them. If she was not a reformist who prides her campaign with supporting abstinence education and failed to educated her own child, or educated her but was not there to monitor her and her doings then we should be talking about it!. If Bristol was out of school for mono then she should have been in the house with no company because it is a transferable infection! As a parent I know we “cant monitor” our children 24/7 but we instill values in them. Maybe she couldnt do that in her home because she has the entire AK to deal with. My concern is the children…. if taking care of Ak played a part into her not being able to be there for her child and Bristol is acting out for her mothers attention and has a need to have someone love her like most teenage parents feel… then Gov Palin as the V.P. of the entire U.S. maybe not the best for her family! GOD FIRST, FAMILY SECOND, COUNTRY CAN BE THIRD!!!!!

  43. Nanette Spector

    I am also a Labor and Delivery nurse for 27 years and totally agree with everything that Anita RN has stated. I don’t understand why the news media is not jumping all over this story and asking so many questions. On the special that they did on CNN of Palin’s life, she states about the birth of Trig, “I had to give birth on Alaskan soil” Why was that?? Is that so when Alaska seceeds from the Union that he is a citizen? She couldn’t go to a level 3 hospital in Texas and fly home after the birth knowing that all was well?? There is NO OB that I know that would approve of a woman boarding a flight with leaking membranes with a 5th pregnancy, it just doesn’t happen!! Wake UP America, the media is really trying to pull the wool over your eyes with this woman! I can’t believe that the citizens of this nation are even considering her for Vice President!

  44. Tracy Coenen

    Nanette – Could you please provide proof of these allegations about Palin’s labor and delivery? I have yet to see anything but vicious rumors. I would be interested in seeing some proof of what really happened.

  45. Bethany

    There’s a website that’s gone up recently that is trying to document this in a very thorough and careful way, with lots of links etc. There are a bunch of links to the actual newspaper articles and TV video that was published in Alaska at the time of the birth. All the info about the oddness of the birth is essentially true.

    This story is NOT dead. The website is at: ***************** If you’re really interested in finding out more, I’d say visit there.

  46. Tracy Coenen

    Bethany – The link to the site with the Palin lies has been removed. There is no fact there. No proof. Just more hateful smears based upon no hard facts or evidence.

    Here’s an example: A few days prior to publicly announcing Sarah Palin’s pregnancy, Sarah was doing a media interview. She was asked how many children she had. She didn’t mention her pregnancy. The writer suggests that’s because she wasn’t really pregnant.

    Really? I think it suggests she didn’t want to announce it then. Further, if the family was trying to do a pregnancy coverup, Sarah would have been MORE likely to chime in with news of the pregnancy to media.

    I’m not going to allow left-wing nuts to promote lies and conspiracy theories here about Palin. Present hard evidence of what you claim or don’t post here at all. I’m not interested in your lies.

  47. Nanette Spector

    Dear Tracey, I will be glad to get some more information about the birth of Trig. It was talked about quite openly right after her nomination was announced and a speaker at the Republican Convention even spoke about the event in her speech. She said, “Sarah Palin got on an airplane while she was in labor, now that shows spunk!” I listened to the speech myself and was quite shocked that they brought that up!! I guess that they are all OK with that…Believe me, when you are runnning for the office of Vice President of the USA, you are going to be scrutinized!! Listen, I am sure that Ms. Palin is a nice lady, good Mom, ect…I am just not sure that I want her a heartbeat away from being the President of the United States!! Forget about the whole strange birth story, her views on religion, women’s rights and the enviornment are enough to make me run the other way.

  48. Tracy Coenen

    Nanette – I have finally seen a story from back then (when she gave birth) with quotes from Sarah. There are also quotes from her doctor. Apparently she was NOT in active labor (had been having mild occasional contractions for a while). She and her doctor decided it was safe for her to travel. I trust her doctor’s judgment over a commenter on a blog. End of story for me.

  49. Have you had children Ms Tracy? I had mild contractions and a slow leak and my Dr said come to the ER ASAP…. it was durring a hurricane and he said if we felt unsafe driving in the storm he would send the ambulance to get us. If she was safe from labor than why did they “induce” her that same day she got to AK! So you are saying that you believe that it was safe for her to fly for over 12 hours and then once she got there it was no longer safe for her to continue with the pregnancy? I am not passing judgement I am stating a fact from my own experience and the Dr who in my opinion did what was best for me and the baby! BTW mild contractions can be a sign of high BP and or stress or disstress of the infant! So as a Mom I would have expected her to at least have an U/S and a Fetal heart rate test due to her age and mild contrations ASAP! Call and ask the hypothetical question to a DR and or Land D nurse and see what they will tell you given her age, the childs D/S status, and mild contrations. Peace!!

  50. Tracy Coenen

    Giving birth or not is not what qualifies someone to make an accurate medical determination. Medical school and years of practice do qualify someone, and that’s what Sarah Palin’s doctor has. You do not. And your situation was not Sarah Palin’s situation. You’re not qualified to say that what happened was inappropriate. I defer to the judgment of Sarah’s doctor, who has the qualifications AND WHO HAS EXAMINED THE PATIENT.

  51. NO ONE examined that patient at that time and thats the problem. She called and received info over the phone! It is fine to vote for Palin but dont try to make idiotic statements that say a woman that has given birth to several children doesnt qualify to speak about childbirth! I never made a medical judgement! I told you what the medical professionals advised. I stated what I expected her concerns to be as a mom. Being a Mom qualifies me to do that. If you were not so closed minded you would had read it word for word and not just assumed that I was trying to take the place of any medical personel!! I never said we had the same situation I am glad that you brought that up because we did in fact both have a slight leak from a hairline tear in our sac, we both had mild contractions not more than five and hour (8 or more is active) and we were both pre term! I did not have a child with D/S but to me that would have been more of a concern due to the fact that they usually have lowbirth weight and Trig was blessed to have weighed 6.2 premature and most are under five pounds full term! Not to mention I was in my 20s and she in her 40s! That brings about a whole other range of issues like I mentioned before high blood pressure and diabetes,. …I told you to ask ANY random L&D nurse and or Dr. for a medical opinion! Although I know several that could speak with you, I will leave it up to you to seek out who you think is “more” qualified to help you find the answer you want to hear, although you wont find it! Truth is truth no matter how we want it sound or look! I hope you will embrace the truth and know that my intentions were never to become argumentative nor to sway anyone but to give an opinion of how I see things and I hope that hearing the truth will soften your heart!

  52. Tracy Coenen

    The doctor had been examining Sarah all along and knew her situation. You can SPEAK about childbirth, but you’re not qualified to state whether or not the Palin situation was appropriate. End of story.

  53. Tracy Coenen

    P.S. You say we should ask any random doctor. We don’t need to. Palin’s doctor was asked, and the answer was given. Again, end of story.

  54. If you really wanted proof you would get it! Thas what you do for a living is investigate, where is your proof, her Dr that you never spoke with! However, ignorance is bliss, you must like living in your own bubble! And please dont take offense! I told you that I was not trying to be arguementative and yet you have all this end of story mess! It takes all of 5 minutes to call your local L&D and ask, that would be proof! Call her Dr and ask, they would tell you to come in also. You can believe whatever you choose but dont keep asking for proof if you really dont want it! For you to be an investigator of fraud you seem to not want to do any research on this particular subject! If nine other Dr’s would say come in to check things out and one did not than you are going against what your whole career has based on TRUTH!! Her Dr checked her out maybe before she left, in the last month of pregnancy you go every week and she was in TX for a week and not wanting to due the research because you just dont want to see the truth and feel as ignorant as the statments you have been posting is a little scary and insane! Back to being qualified A mothers reaction is a mothers reactions it doesnt matter color, age, social status, the few things to make a difference is the want of the child, intelligence of the mom to be, the money they have for the visits, and her support system! I know she had the latter two! Proof, Proof Proof, you keep asking for it but wont take it! Can I have a Dr and or L&D nurse contact you?FRAUDFILE IS NOW THE FRAUD!!!! Now if you want the story can end, but if you want to hear proof talk to the the professionals who can speak on this subject with you and let me know! I can help you contact them. It would be my pleasure!!! Smooches!!

  55. Tracy Coenen

    Lu – You sound so angry and you seem to have a problem with me posting comments on my own site. Such hostility! I have the proof that I asked for… I asked for proof that she had an amniotic leak and got on a plane. I have that. I read the article. It happened. Now beyond that, the only proof we have is that Sarah and her doctor agreed she could fly. “As a mother” you have the right to think whatever you want about that. But as for me… I’m taking her doctor’s word for it that it was okay. And what do you know… it all turned out fine. Isn’t that REALLY the proof we need.


  56. I am not angry nor hostile, and premature births can have lasting effects like learning disablities in addition to his D/S. From the start I told you that this was my opinion and your response was I as a Mom was qualified to talk about childbirth!! And that was insane! What you have is hearsay not proof! I am glad that Trig was born safely and still know that many other Dr’s disagree! You have your opinion and you can sugarcoat pooh all day long and guess what it will still be pooh! I think that you standing by your truth is almost admirable had you been willing to even hear from the numerous Dr’s who could speak to you directly and not third person. Sometimes Tracy the means doesnt justify the ends. Again I pray for her and her family although I disagree with some of the choices she stand for! My concern is the children…. if taking care of Ak played a part into her not being able to be there for her child and Bristol is acting out for her mothers attention and has a need to have someone love her like most teenage parents feel… then Gov Palin as the V.P. of the entire U.S. maybe not the best for her family! GOD FIRST, FAMILY SECOND, COUNTRY CAN BE THIRD!!!!!

  57. Tracy Coenen

    Lu – You can talk to any doctor in the world, but the fact remains that THEY DID NOT CARE FOR SARAH PALIN. The only doctor whose opinion matters is the doctor caring for her and her child. I am not sugarcoating anything, just stating facts… You and I have not facts other than what was reported. If her doctor said it was okay, THEN IT WAS OKAY.

  58. Nanette Spector

    Dear Tracy, As a Labor and Delivery nurse for 27 years, I have never heard a physican tell a pt. whose fluid is leaking that it was OK for her to travel by plane, even if her contractions were very mild. If that is what her doctor told her, then I would seriously question this doctor’s judgement in this matter. I live in LV, Nevada and have had many pregnant woman come here on vacation and end up delivering here because they went into preterm labor or their water broke. They are not allowed to fly due to complications that can arise and effect both the baby and the mother. I am glad that all worked out with Ms. Palin and the baby, but please understand that this situation is highly unusual and out of the normal standards of care for a mother with a preterm infant, especially one at high risk. I am just asking you to question why a Dr. would put his pt. at such risk when there were many facilites that she could have gone to for care. I did a small survey at my hospital yesterday of OB’s and not one of them would let a pt. get one a plane in her condition…very interesting…

  59. Tracy Coenen

    Nanette – It’s not interesting at all. Her doctor made a choice. She made a choice. It’s done. Get over it. The only reason to carry on about this issue is to smear Palin and her family. They made a choice. They might make a different one today if in the same situation. There is no story here.

  60. RNH

    Are you people insane? I didn’t read all the comments so I am not sure if someone else mentioned this, but Bristol Palin is pregnant now, has anyone considered her due date? She is due to have the baby in December. If my math is correct, that is only 8 months. There is no way for her to have had the baby in April and get pregnant again that fast. Think about it.

  61. George Carlin

    So, where is Bristol’s baby ?
    It was due last Saturday.

    Maybe since her Mom delivered a month early, she gets to deliver a month late.

    I’ll wait.

  62. Craig Hansen

    Agreed. Whether she won or lost, Bristol and her baby should never have commanded as much attention as they did. Her version of Kevin Federline was a humorous sideshow, but even he didn’t deserve the spotlight that he received. Yo.

    As I’ve said before, the only truly noteworthy aspect of the whole Bristol pregnancy is it serves as an anecdote about the effectiveness of abstinence-only sex education, and only because Sarah Palin is a proponent of that strategy.

  63. George Carlin

    Trig Palin was born April 18, 2008.
    The whole point of the ‘national announcement’ that Bristol Palin was “about 5 months pregnant” on September 1, 2008 was to ‘prove’ that she couldn’t be Trig’s mother.

    So, here we are, December 22. No baby from Bristol yet.

    April 18 + 9 months = Jan 18, 2009
    Tick, tick. The alibi is slipping away…
    Grampa says the ‘due date’ was Dec 20th.
    I hope Bristol is not having any problems with her pregnancy…
    Maybe the whole mother-in-law arrest for hillbilly heroin made her upset… not good when you’re expecting.

  64. Tracy Coenen

    George – Not that you’d want to let the facts get in the way of your disgusting smears on the Palin family…. But you might like to know that a normal pregnancy is expected to be 40 weeks long. However, a birth anywhere between 37 weeks and 42 weeks is still considered normal.

  65. Craig Hansen

    George – I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, and I would have gladly voted against her if it wasn’t for the 49th parallel, but you’re an idiot by comparison.

  66. Craig Hansen

    Forget Palin. The late, great George Carlin is being smeared here as much as she is. They are both about equally capable of answering for themselves, but at least George Carlin has the excuse of being dead.

  67. Sandy

    ***Moderator note****

    Sandy/George – We don’t allow sock puppeting here, so please don’t try to promote your smears with other screen names. Your comments have been deleted, and will continue to be deleted so long as you continue on a smear campaign.

  68. Tammy S

    HA! It’s downright hilarious to read all the moronic comments from people who bought into the conspiracy theory that Trig was actually Bristol’s child. Where’s your comments now, people?

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