This is What Happens When You Let Women Get an Education.

A couple of days ago on WalletPop I did a post on a Canadian lottery winner who waited almost a year to cash in his ticket. I surmised that his C$3.6 million winnings could have netted him C$100k even in a simple savings account or certificate of deposit. With a little more aggressive investment, even more than that over the year.

And I can always count on our super intelligent readership to leave some mighty fine comments, like this one:

I believe Tracy doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about. She may be full of knowledge but possess little wisdom.This is what happens when you let women get an education. I will bet you that tracy makes over 100 K a year and has mortgages, credit card bills, student loans and is otherwise up to debt to her ears because she is too “refined” for the likes of eating at a steak country buffet for ten bucks and wants to boost her own ego by paying over 100 bucks at a “fancy smancy” restaurant for the same piece of meat. I am sorry I read her statements but if you let an idiot drive they will most likely crash.

But I am glad that someone let me get an education.

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  1. LOL. I still think the lottery winner didn’t make that bad of a move. He missed out on interest but he also missed out on crazy demands for money from relatives and ‘friends’ and he missed out on blowing all the money on cars, houses, and drugs.

  2. Well Tracy since the U.S. is open minded enough to let you get an education you should be opened minded enough to realize that everybody did not have the same opportunities you did. Maybe this gentleman through no fault of his own does not have the priviledge lifestyle you did and needed to get all of his ducks in a row. And you saying he wasting money is idiotic. You are probably a hippy democrat who believes that all money should be in the hands of the governent. Well guess what!? By waiting to collect the money in the year I am sure the GOVERNMENT is collecting interest off of that 3.6 million dollars and THAT money IS going to help the less fortunate. Really you need to think before you express. If you need help in that matter I can take you for a night on the country town to a country steak buffet and I will explain the dynamics of life to you.

  3. Oh goody. The troll from WalletPop has found his way here. You’re ignorant and know nothing about me or the “privileged lifestyle” you claim I had. I’ve worked hard for everything I have, so your bogus assumptions mean nothing. Take a look around here… I’m a proud Republican. And don’t bother to comment again, because your comments aren’t welcome here.

  4. Oh.My.Goodness – This troll is posting from a computer at the University of Houston. God help us.

  5. The story about the lottery winner reminds me of the many people who are excited to get a large tax refund each year–as if giving the government an interest-free loan is a good thing. To those people commenting about the winner “getting his ducks in a row” or avoiding “crazy demands” for his winnings, if the winner had put his winnings in a cd, they would have been less accessible to him and they would have earned him a lot of cash via interest.

  6. That shalomuk cracks me up. With kooks like that running around, it’s no wonder the world is in such bad shape.

  7. “This is what happens when you let women get an education.” Any society which wastes half of their intellectual capital by not allowing women to attain their FULL potential is not going to fare well in the grand scheme of things.

    I had the pleasure of working with Gertrude Elion who was a Nobel and an Inventors Hall of Fame inductee and a recipient of the Lemelson-MIT award. She was a very nice and witty old lady. She had some great stories about her trials and tribulations related to getting a job in research.

    Well she finally got a job and she produced staggering inventions which the world may not have seen for a very long time if she had not had a chance to attain her full potential.

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