8 thoughts on “Joe Taxpayer’s Five Part Money Merge Analysis

  1. After receiving a number of requests, I have compiled all my posts on MMA into one PDF. It’s linked from my website (click on my name above, it’s the first link there. Thanks to Tracy and Craig Hansen whose guest post “United First Financial’s New Math” (aka Factorial Math) I also include in the compilation.

  2. Part 13 is posted on my blog at
    I look at an analysis a reader had done by an agent in which only $25 extra funds were available each month. The analysis showed that for $3500, you can save $7252 in interest, or you can prepay the $25 each month and save $14966. Tough choice for some.
    (Note: Part 12 was a special Thanksgiving wish regarding MMA, not a post worth announcing)

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