Still questioning Sarah Palin’s pregnancy


Oddly enough, conspiracy theorists are still blathering on about what they believe to be Governor Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy with Trig Palin. They continue to believe that Sarah faked a pregnancy while her teenage daughter Bristol was pregnant with Trig.

There’s no real evidence that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy. In fact, there’s a ton of evidence that she was in fact pregnant. The only thing her detractors rely upon is bad circumstantial evidence. They use faulty logic in attempting to prove their claims.

Patrick Appel writes on the Daily Dish:

I agree. While signing off, Andrew mentioned the months long argument he and I have had with regard to Sarah Palin’s fifth child. I am the only other person who has read all the obstetrician interviews, the interview with a reporter at the scene, and all the primary sources. I strongly believe that there is nothing to this story. Andrew writes:

There is no formal record of Trig’s birth at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, although there is a record of two other babies born on the same day.

This is highly misleading. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (pdf) protects patient information. The “formal record” Andrew is referring to is a list of newborn babies on the Mat-Su website. This list is voluntary. Parents have to give their approval for their children to be listed (The Dish checked with the hospital). Trig not being on this list isn’t proof of anything.

Forget about grainy inconclusive photographs: reporters saw Palin pregnant. This was one of the primary reasons Alaskan papers stopped investigating the story. Additionally, there is absolutely no reason to believe that Bristol Palin was pregnant during this time. The Dish interviewed Lori Tipton, an Alaskan TV reporter at the hospital the day of the delivery. Here’s part of that interview:

Sarah [Palin] was in another room, and they said that she was sleeping when we arrived.  And so, we got a little bit of footage of Sally [Heath] holding Trig, and Chuck [Heath] standing next to her. And Bristol [Palin] was in there, and I said to Bristol, “We should get some footage of you and your brother and your grandparents.” And she’s like, “No I really don’t like to be photographed.” And I said, “Are you sure?”  And she’s like, “Yeah, yeah, no.”  And she didn’t have any make-up on or anything, but she was dressed in typical teenage attire, a tight shirt, low-cut jeans, you know, and we had heard the rumors before the delivery of this baby also, that Bristol was pregnant, and so, when my photographer and I got to the hospital and we saw her, I thought, well, clearly there’s no way that that girl just delivered a baby seven hours ago.

The easiest way to disprove these conspiracy theories is to consider what would be required for them to be true. Palin’s doctor, along with a good number of Mat-Su Regional’s doctors, nurses, and administrators would need to be in on the cover-up. On multiple occasions Palin would have had to pad her belly to make herself look pregnant. She would have needed to get friends to lie about seeing her breast feed. She would have had to silence an entire community – including two 17-year-olds and their friends – while the national media and the National Enquirer snooped around. Implausible to say the least.

The anti-Palin crowd is still using bad logic (ex. Since the birth wasn’t listed on the website, the birth must not have happened.) and wild speculation (ex. Since I don’t think Sarah Palin looks pregnant in a picture, she must not have been pregnant.) to advance their arguments.

They need to get over it. Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin, no matter how pregnant she did or did not look, and no matter how bad her detractors wish that she didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Still questioning Sarah Palin’s pregnancy

  1. Duped

    The anti-Palin crowd is still using bad logic, and anything they can grab and hold on to, because she scares the livin’ daylights out of them. They recognize that she has a tremendous presence, and that they have not seen the last of her yet.

  2. Craig

    Where is all this banter about the identity of Trig’s mom? It doesn’t matter, and it never mattered. The most interesting observation one could make about the whole Bristol-is-pregnant situation was the apparent effectiveness of abstinence-only sex education.

  3. Tracy Coenen

    There are actually hate sites set up to tarnish the reputation of Palin and her family. For obvious reasons, I don’t link to them.

  4. Craig Hansen

    Sorry, that’s not where I was going. I wouldn’t ask for the source of the attacks – just pointing out that I haven’t seen them.

    I am aware of a general suspicion that Palin herself may run in 2012 or later, and perhaps that is fueling the desire of some nutjobs to keep beating the dead horse, but I think there are a lot more important things to discuss over the next, oh, 3 1/2 years. Like when will Britney fall off the wagon again?

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