Happy to have avoided U1stFinancial


This week I got an encouraging email from someone doing research on United First Financial and their Money Merge Account. I’m glad the facts and opinions posted here are being read by people considering paying $3,500 for this product.

Here’s what she had to say:

Thank You Tracy – Your Research on U1stFinancial

Thank you so much Tracy for your research and blog!  I pride myself on being such a fact finder and a research nut.  I’ve had 23 years experience in Real Estate and these days, it’s a tough way to keep the Cheerios on the table.  Well, needless to say, most people in my industry pride themselves on being heros.&nbheroeserving the families they help well and building a good reputation based on service and results.  Now, not many Realtors are able to involve themself in any transaction that is not going to be difficult.

So, when hit hard by a absolutely vivacous and personable lady, I got captured by the United First Financial Opportunity.  I had my first call with the “Branch Manager” in my geniology.  When I suggested that the product be sold to corporations to help build employee stock purchasing.  He said that the purpose of the product was to entice the client into changing careers.  YIKES… then an explaination about the HELOC…. YIKES and then I spent 3 hours trying to dig information up on the company and the founders.  Not much out there. YIKES!

Then, your Blog… which is not getting picked up by search engines… I fell into it moments before I was about to give up.  Then your articles were fact based and easy for me to go to the site and verify your facts.  YOUR FACTS ARE CORRECT… YIKES.  Well, Tracy, thanks to you, I’ve only lost $175.  Thank you! Thank you!

You made a huge difference and helped me, xxxxxxxx, single mother of xxx and xxxxx make a very important decision.  You helped save my good reputation!

8 thoughts on “Happy to have avoided U1stFinancial

  1. agent

    hey it really works, try to it figure it out yourself, mathamatics wise you wont be able to computer it it for you unless you to sit down every day for bout 5 hrs and caculate % formulas for rest of your debt life…

  2. Steve Mount

    I’m trying to get out of it right now. I think this is a joke…and unfortunately I fell for it. Anyone out there successfully received a refund?

  3. Craig Hansen


    Your only chance at a refund is to get a complaint registered against the parent company with the Utah Better Business Bureau:


    This is the only BBB account they care about, and you’ll see all 11 prior complaints have been “addressed”.

    I think you’ll need to show that your agent made a false or misleading claim. They probably did, but showing it may be difficult if it was all verbal.

    The guarantee only states that the MMA report prediction will come true if all variables remain constant – not even remotely likely. Now, if the guarantee was stated differently to you, and you can show that…

    Good luck. Ask away with any questions here.

  4. Late2Game


    Other clients had issues with version 4.0, since it was basically a broken, buggy product. Calling support multiple times got them refunds. I also suggest the UT BBB, as Craig mentioned.

    When did you purchase?

  5. Nick – tell us, how much do you now owe on your HELOC?
    How much did you have in savings which is no longer there?

    The best thing about UFF is that they don’t tell you to create a balance sheet. If they did, you’d see that the day you get scammed, your worth drops $3500. You move $$ from savings to the mortgage, no change to balance sheet. It’s all obfuscation, smoke and mirrors to convince you there’s magic in the system. Even my 11 yr old knows you pay high interest debt first until it’s paid off. What she can’t understand is why this is so complicated. She wants to know how people can get real jobs who don’t understand 4th grade math. Because that’s all that’s needed to avoid this ripoff.

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