Obama’s promises of transparency were lies

I suspect this comes as no surprise to most of my readers. In fact, Barack Obama was lying when he said that his administration would be transparent with consumers… offering them the chance to see exactly how bailout dollars were being spent.

The site recovery.gov was touted as a place for taxpayers to go see how their money was being spent. They were going to be able to see what was stimulated… and give their feedback.

That’s not really going to happen. The site is only giving general information about the money being handed out, and taxpayers aren’t going to see specifics of how it’s being spent. That doesn’t add up to much trasnparency.

And of course, this isn’t the only lie being told. As another $787 billion was committed for “stimulus” spending, lawmakers were rushing to push the bill through.  Did they really even have time to read the whole thing before they voted? Not likely. Heck, there wasn’t even time to actually make changes to the bill on a computer. It went through with handwritten notes in the margins and a multitude of scribbles and cross-outs. Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

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