Milwaukee Public Schools Teachers Admit They Suck?

The idea being proposed is simple: Pay Milwaukee Public Schools teachers more to teach a longer school day so children can learn more.

The response from the teachers union: “We’ve taken a consistent view that doing the same thing longer is going to produce the same results.”

Translation: We’re not teaching children now, and having a longer school day would only have us not teaching more.

Seriously. The teachers union constantly cries that everything is for the children and they’re not receiving enough from taxpayers or the school system. The teachers are offered more money to teach more, and they don’t want it. They say the system is broken… Well, there you have it. They’re right. The system is broken and they’re not really teaching.

And the teachers were also offered more money to spend more time each month on improving programs in the school. They didn’t want to do that either.

But it’s all about the children, right?

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