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My faithful readers have likely noticed my conspicuous absence over the last month or more. The simple truth is that I have been swamped with work, and for that I am thankful. Not everyone in my industry is doing so well. Fraud investigation and contract litigation are “extras” that not every company can afford these days. I’ve had the good fortune of developing good relationships with attorneys who refer cases to me, and so I’ve had a steady stream of new work.

I’m going to work hard to find the time to write several times a week like I have for more than three years. There’s no way I’m letting this blog die!

While I gather my thoughts and find something profound to write about, please take a look at a few stories friends of mine are blogging about lately:

And no, blogging still is not dead. (And there are no signs of dying any time soon!)


  1. I am honored to appear above. I must say, as I wrote that post, I thought of Tracy, not that I accuse Dave of scamming, but more because I view Tracy as a “seeker of truth” and that she’d find Dave’s style of “this is the only way to do it” as being somewhat less than truthful.
    Tracy – keep up the good work, glad you are busy.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    Thanks for stopping in Joe! I like Dave Ramsey a lot, and I like the fact that people can get his advice for free on radio and TV. If it’s his method versus doing nothing, I’d definitely rather that consumers use his method. And for consumers who want to save the most, they should use our method…. paying debts with the highest interest rate first.

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