The secret to recruiting for ShopToEarn


Recruiting for multi-level marketing companies has become a game of strategy. How many times have you been invited to hear about “an opportunity,” but the person inviting wouldn’t tell you the name of the company? We’ve all heard about this tactic… The recruiters don’t want anyone to “pre-judge” or show up with opinions before they’ve heard the sales pitch.

My friends at ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth have figured out this part of the MLM recruiting equation too.

One of the “early adopters” (someone who got in the company in the beginning and had the good fortune of being one of the very few sitting at the top of the pyramid and benefiting from the financial losses of almost everyone below them) of the Shop To Earn scheme has laid out the pieces of the puzzle for recruiting into this multi-level marketing company.

Here’s what his downline needs to do to get someone to hear the recruiting pitch (known in STE as the Tour Call):

The goal is simple . . . get the person to watch the tour call by saying as little as possible. Of course the best way is to set an appointment and meet with them in person, if possible, and watch the tour call together. People who watch the overview alone while they check their text messages or are doing the dishes are not getting a good look. You can also do conference calls and group meetings. . . again – THE GOAL IS TO SIMPLY GET THEM ON THE NEXT TOUR CALL.

No one can explain an internet technology . . . you must see it. So let’s just stick to what works and let the experts at STE do the work for you. The Tour call should be the first time they ever hear any real details. Why? because this venture needs to be “shown” not ‘told’. When you see a great movie that you want to tell your friends about, you don’t start giving them details – you just tell them to go ”see” the movie. In fact, most people will cut you off and say “don’t ruin the movie for me”. This is no different.

Seriously? No one can understand “internet technology” without seeing it? I’m certainly capable of understanding things without seeing them.

The truth is that they don’t want you telling people what Shop To Earn is because they know you’ll get questions and objections you can’t overcome. Those giving the canned presentations have heard all the questions and objections before, and they know how to shoot them down. They know how to sign people up and get their fees in hand. And that’s all that really matters.

But by all means, don’t mention the company name. The biggest risk is that people will search the internet for ShopToEarn before they hear the presentation, and they may find out the truth about this MLM scheme.

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