3 thoughts on “A Victim of United First Financial Speaks

  1. Janell J

    I am 2 months into it also. I trusted the person who sold it to me. He has been highly recommended through our Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, the system does not work for me. My bills are still the same and I am out $3,500 that I can really use right now. I just wrote an email yesterday to the company, but reading Tracy’s post I probably won’t get a refund. Maybe the person I trusted will help me out. I wish I had done more research on this before I bought it.

  2. Craig Hansen

    Janell J,

    One potential thing to do, is contact the media regarding United First Financial. Does your local TV news or newspaper have a “consumer watchdog” type of reporter? Try contacting them. The worst that can happen is they say no.

    Unfortunately, I can not predict that you will get a refund. UFirst are floundering, and you’re not likely to receive a dime from the company. The greatest satisfaction you are likely to receive, is knowing that you helped prevent others from being scammed.

    The other option I’ve suggested before, is if you have any record of false claims by your agent (not UFirst – they are careful not to make claims and let the agents lie for them), then consider taking your agent to small claims court, if that is an option in your area. I’m not a lawyer, so please seek legal advice before doing this. You certainly sound mislead, by proving it will likely be difficult.

  3. I cancelled the same day I have the check and was told me check was torn up but United First Financial actually cashed it and then denied me a refund which is fraud. I took them to small claims and won and they still won’t pay so going after there property to put a lien on it.

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