Fraud is Just Part of a Controller’s Job


Can you believe people actually admit to this stuff? A survey of accounting controllers done by FloQast found that lots of controllers think fraud is a routine part of their jobs.

There are some awfully interesting results. 69% of the participants said their job is that of a risk manager who oversees internal controls. (For those who don’t know, internal controls are the policies and procedures that ensure the numbers are recorded accurately and that prevent fraud.)

64% say they’ve experienced pressure to cook the books. That’s not necessarily surprising. Results are everything in many companies, and I can easily envision executives asking how the numbers can be prettied up.

And 10% of the participants report that it is a routine part of their job to lie about the numbers.

Oh sure, the question was asked in a less menacing way. But the implication is the same. Whether you call it “being less accurate” or lying about the numbers, it’s the same thing.

Forensic accountants will forever have a place in the business world!

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