Updates to MLM Income Disclosure Statements


For years I’ve been collecting income disclosure statements issued by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. These are the proof that you have almost no chance of making money in MLM, no matter what the company or product.

Across the board, you see that the vast majority of the distributors make almost nothing in commissions. The “average earnings” for a company as a whole sometimes looks decent (who wouldn’t want to make an extra $2,000 per year!), but the averages are skewed by the handful of people at the top of the pyramid who make big money (at the expense of the many at the bottom).

Disclosures reflecting 2019 numbers are finally showing up online. I updated our library of disclosure statements to include new ones for Mary Kay, Young Living, Beachbody, Optavia (formerly Medifast), Scentsy, and Arbonne. I’ll keep looking for 2019 statements and add them as they come in.

3 thoughts on “Updates to MLM Income Disclosure Statements

  1. Kristy Buckly

    I have read most of your articles and it seems most company’s are really not worth working for, I just passed all my series 6 series 63 and series 65, I like helping people investing so they dont end up broke when they get older. But at this time nobody company has job openings, most the financial company’s have halted and even laid off people. I have heard Primerica PFS investments. I have read many bad and good from many investment company’s. I need to really take time and think. I cant live at home rest of my life. And starting my own investment business is something I need to think about.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    Primerica is terrible. There are plenty of investment companies willing to bring you on as a financial representative. Find one that is not an MLM and join them.

  3. Marc

    Kristy, Tracy is right: Primerica is terrible. You can learn more about them right here at Fraud Files; just type Primerica in the search window. I would also recommend visiting Reddit’s r/AntiMLM sub and searching the name there. There are several 1st-person accounts of people’s bad experiences there, and you’ll get a taste of what people who defend the company sound like: brainwashed. Honestly, brainwashed.

    I wish you the best of luck in these difficult times. Just…stay away from Primerica, or things will only get worse.

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