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FraudFiles Podcast with Tracy Coenen

A continuously updated list of episodes can be found here:

Every time I think I should start a podcast called The FraudFiles Podcast, I end up appearing as a guest on someone else’s show. It’s so much easier to just post all of those here and pretend it’s my own podcast feed. 🙂

I hope I haven’t missed any!

Exhibit (A)ttorney Show with Jordan Ostroff
May 17, 2021
The Ins & Outs Of Forensic Accounting & Finding Fraud

The Persuasion Pitch
April 5, 2021
Anti-MLM Fraud Investigator

1958 Lawyer Podcast (Amata Law Office Suites)
February 14, 2021
A Fraud Investigator with Investigative Intuition Tracy Coenen

Great Women in Fraud with Kelly Paxton
October 10, 2020
Tracy Coenen: Forensic Divorce Expert and Much More

The Investigation Game Podcast with Leah Wietholter of Workman Forensics
May 26, 2020
His, Hers, and Theirs – A Forensic Accounting Case Study with Tracy Coenen, CPA, CFF

The Stacking Benjamins Show
January 29, 2020
The Life of an Accountant Spy with Tracy Coenen

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