The Seven Year Billionaire Divorce

Divorces can go on for years. It’s emotionally taxing, and of course, the longer a divorce goes on, the more expensive it gets. Can you imagine a divorce that goes on for seven years?

Scott Hassan and Allison Huynh were married for 13 years when he sent her a text in 2014 saying the marriage was over. They’re still fighting because they’ve got billions of dollars of assets to divide.

Of course, there are some interesting details:

  • Every settlement conference, Scott reduced his settlement offer
  • He started a website in her name to publish embarrassing things related to a wrongful termination lawsuit she filed against her employer in 2000
  • Scott wanted Allison to sign a post-nup in 2005 and she said no thank you
  • A romantic trip to Fiji in fall 2014 seemed to signal good things ahead, but he asked for a divorce a couple of months later.

Scott Hassan was one of the original creators of Google, writing much of the original code, and buying into the company in 1998 for $800. When Google went public in 2004, the shares were worth over $200 million. Allison is not trying to take part of the Google stock.

What she believes is marital property are the investments made during the marriage. This includes real estate, some companies, and Greenheart Investments LLC which invested hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate and start-up companies.

Hassan said that Greenheart was worth $1 billion in 2015, and that it was set up to ensure his assets were kept separate. She says it’s marital property.

Allison has accused Scott of “divorce terrorism.” She says he has been dragging out the divorce on purpose and has said he’ll ensure she gets nothing. He, of course, denies it.

They disagree on the financial details of the marriage, of course. She says early on she supported the family and he came into the marriage with debt. He says that’s not true and he was already wealthy when they married. She says she left her career to raise their children, and when their oldest child was two, he wanted her to sign a post-nuptial agreement that would waive any future claims to marital assets. She says she was blindsided when he said the marriage was over, he says it should have come as no surprise since they had a big fight during which she falsely accused him of infidelity in front of the children.

The marriage was dissolved in May 2020 and they agreed to joint custody of their 3 children. The trial over the financial matters (asset division, spousal support, child support) is supposed to begin today.

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