Introducing the Divorce Money Guide


In case you haven’t heard, I created the Divorce Money Guide to make forensic accounting more accessible to people getting divorced.
The Divorce Money Guide is a 10-step online handbook for those in the process of of divorce who suspect their spouse has hidden money or spent it inappropriately, but who are unable to hire a forensic accountant.

It helps users understand what financial discovery is, what documents are needed, how to get them, and what to do with them. The guide includes videos, written materials, and worksheets that will help users gather and organize their financial documents and dig into them to determine if there has been financial fraud in their marriage.

The average person won’t become a forensic accountant overnight, but they CAN use some simple techniques on their bank statements and tax return to discover whether money is missing. And it’s going to save them hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars in legal fees because they’ll know how to get all their financial documentation together, instead of paying their attorney to do that.

Later this month I’ll be holding a virtual workshop called Red Flags of Financial Fraud in Divorce to help those in the process of divorce determine if they need help.

And you can watch me on social media like Instagram… @divorcemoneyguide.

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