NACVA Consultants Training Institue: Emerging Leader Tracy Coenen

From the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) Consultants Training Institute (CTI), an interview with emerging leader Tracy Coenen. She talks with Brien Jones about how she developed her forensic accounting practice, how she markets Sequence Inc.’s services to attorneys, and what she likes to do when she is not working.

Fox News Los Angeles Exposé on Fortune Hi Tech Marketing

Fox News in Los Angeles did an exposé on multi-level marketing company Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. This video exposes the truth behind the company: operating like a pyramid scheme, dismal failure rates, false earnings representations, few making any money, broken promises, FHTM lying about its relationship with big name companies.

Fox interviewed me for their story, but you should note that the comments they used in this video were comments I made about MLM in general, not specifically FHTM.

Safe Haven Orphanage Advance Fee Scam

Charitable causes, like a Haitian orphanage, can pull at the heartstrings of many. Unfortunately, these charities are being used as the front for “advance fee scams” which trick consumers out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Fox6′s Contact 6 investigators looked into a letter received by a Milwaukee woman, which asked her to cash a check meant for a Haitian orphanage, keep part of the money, and send the rest to the scammers. What consumers don’t realize is that checks like this are fake, and it may take days or weeks for the bank to realize it. By that time, they’ve sent  part of the money to the scammers, and are on the hook for the entire amount of the bounced check.

World of Forensic Accounting Unveils How Companies Are Cheated Out of Millions

Millions of dollars are missing from a Milwaukee company, and an employee is charged with stealing a staggering sum of money. How deep the fraud goes is something investigators are still deciphering. FOX6 gives you a look at how they do it, and how they think one employee made off with millions.

In this interview with Milwaukee’s Fox affiliate, WITI 6, Tracy Coenen talks with news anchor Brad Hicks about how the Koss fraud may have been perpetrated, and how the company apparently made it so easy for former VP of Finance Sue Sachdeva.

Embezzlement Scandal Grows in Koss Case

The case of the alleged $31 million embezzlement by Koss Corp. Vice President of Finance Sue Sachdeva continues to shock many. How does a company with annual revenue in the $40 million range lose such a large amount of money over a 5 or 6 year period?

In this interview with Milwaukee’s ABC affiliate, WISN 12, Tracy Coenen talks about the autonomy Sachdeva apparently had at Koss, and how that facilitated the fraud and the cover-up.

Direct Selling (Multi-Level Marketing) and the Economy

All year long we’ve been seeing news story after news story about how “direct selling” (the name meant to disguise multi-level marketing and confuse consumers about the true intent of the companies) is a great option for making money during difficult economic times.

Divorce Investigation

Are you involved in a divorce or family law case that may involve hidden income or hidden assets? Read Tracy Coenen's new book, Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Cases, published by the American Bar Association.
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