Consultation and Fees

Certainty in Pricing For Your Engagement

Nearly all of our services are provided under fixed fee arrangements. In larger matters, we may have “phases” to our work, since it is sometimes difficult to determine the complete scope of the project up front.

Fixed fees, sometimes referred to as flat fees, mean you know exactly how much your engagement will cost. We agree on a scope of work for your forensic analysis and expert report, and you pay a fixed price for that work. The price does not change unless you change the work by adding more documents to the analysis, introducing a new issue, increasing the time period analyzed, accelerating deadlines, or expanding the work required.

Our minimum retainer for cases is $20,000, with larger deposits required for larger engagements. We require the full fixed fee to be deposited prior to beginning work.

The fixed fee process is simple:

  • We discuss the project and the work product requested to come up with a scope of work.
  • The client provides access to all financial documentation necessary to perform the engagement.
  • We review the documents and develop a case plan and determine the fixed fee.
  • We present the plan for our investigation and the fixed fee, and the client determines if it meets their needs.

Once we are in agreement on the work, the fee, and the deadlines, the client deposits the non-refundable fixed fee and work will be scheduled. It is important that the scope of work be agreed early and the deposit received so that the project can be added to our calendar, as we are tightly scheduled. It is important to us to meet all agreed-upon deadlines, so we want to be ready to begin as soon as we have space on the calendar.


$800 Fixed Fee

Up to One Hour

  • Includes both attorney and client

  • Discuss services needed

  • Know how our financial analysis and expert witness services will help the case

  • Make recommendations including a range of services and corresponding fees

Fixed Fees


Minimum Fee

  • All engagements are done under fixed fee agreements

  • We require a deposit to reserve time to perform your engagement

  • We have a minimum fee requirement, but the actual fee for the engagement will be determined after we review the scope of work and financial documents

Hourly Fees

$500 – $750

Expert Witness

  • All engagements are done under fixed fee agreements

  • Occasionally we provide certain services for those engagements on an hourly basis

  • Rates for support staff range from $200 to $350