Forensic Accounting Services

Sequence Inc. is involved in all phases of the litigation process, from investigation to strategic consultation, through settlement or trial. Our clients rely on us to provide sound advice and independent, credible analysis of complex litigation matters.

Our firm’s independence is highly valued by our clients. Because we do not provide any attest services, we do not have the same potential for conflicts of interest as many public accounting firms.

The depth of Sequence Inc.’s forensic accounting experience is evident when examining complex cases. We see the issues in terms of the “big picture,” yet we never lose sight of the details and their investigative value.

Our work includes the following types of cases:

Forensic Accounting

Sequence Inc. provides litigation support and forensic accounting services for both the prosecution or defense of civil and criminal matters. The work is focused on assisting in financial disputes, and includes analyzing evidence, managing documentation, calculating financial losses, and reporting findings in reports that are easily understood.

Trace the Funds

Fraud Investigation

Our fraud investigation services involve finding fraud, determining the parties involved, gathering critical evidence of the fraud, and presenting the findings. Tracy has successfully investigated fraud in a wide variety of industries, and for companies ranging in size from small family businesses to large publicly traded companies.

Find the Money

Expert Witness Services

Tracy Coenen provides expert witness testimony in cases involving disputed financial and accounting matters. In addition to testimony, she assists attorneys with discovery requests and interrogatories, analyzes the reports of opposing expert witnesses, and aids with deposition and trial preparation.

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