Former Milwaukee police officer Jon Bartlett is going to prison

Former Milwaukee [tag]police officer[/tag] Jon Bartlett has been sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison following his convictions on [tag]felony[/tag] charges related to [tag]bail jumping[/tag] and threatening to blow up the police station where he used to work.

Judge David Hansher called Bartlett a “menace to society” and followed his prison time with 5 years of [tag]probation[/tag] and a $10,000 fine. Hansher said to Bartlett, “I find you are a ticking time bomb about to explode at any minute.”

Barlett is currently being held by federal officials on charges of trying to buy two firearms, which is prohibited for anyone charged with a felony. He also faces state charges of substanial battery in the Frank Jude Jr. beating case, as there was a hung jury on those charges earlier this year. He also faces potential federal charges in the Jude case.

Jon Bartlett spent 5 years on the Milwaukee police force before being fired on May 24, 2005 for participating in the Frank Jude beating. Eight other off-duty officers were also fired for their part in the Jude case. Bartlett was still receiving his paycheck (even though fired) under state law, and has been paid about $97,000 under this law. That will end as of today, due to his felony conviction.