Why I’m Quitting Twitter (And You Should Too)

Yes, I’m quitting Twitter. After 2.5 years, 2,154 followers, and 2,917 tweets, I have officially called it quits on Twitter. And I believe other professional services firms – – accountants, auditors, lawyers, engineers, etc. – – should do the same. Stop wasting your time on Twitter and get back to generating new business and goodwill with your existing clients.

What do I know about Twitter or web marketing?
Why should anyone listen to me? I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty good handle on using the web to generate new business and create professional relationships, at least in the professional services space. Accountants, auditors, and lawyers should listen to me because I know how to get results.

Here’s the proof: I’ve been a solo practitioner in a niche practice (fraud investigation and forensic accounting) for over 11 years. Today, my website is ranked third in traffic for forensic accounting firms. The two ahead of me (and several of the firms behind me) have hundreds of employees around the world.¬†

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Would You Work With a Company That is Deliberately Misleading Blog Readers?

Recently I’ve posted a couple of articles about my disappointment with LinkedIn. It’s my opinion that for most professionals it’s a complete waste of time. Actual benefits from it are few and far between, unless you’re looking for a job or you’re a headhunter.

This morning there was a pending comment here on one of those articles. It was from someone pretending to be a happy user of a similar site, Salesconx. This site lets users buy and sell leads, and supposedly you don’t pay unless the lead meets your criteria.

Here’s how they describe the service:

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At Least the Business Journal Agrees With Me About LinkedIn

Much to my dismay, the Business Journal of Milwaukee ran a piece raving about the usefulness about LinkedIn, the modern day version of a chain letter. Last week I talked about how it’s nothing more than an annoying tool ultimately used by headhunters and sales people. Real connections and real value derived from the service are few and far between unless you’re a job-seeker or job-peddler.

And apparently I must have hit a sore spot with the folks who run LinkedIn, because they can’t seem to stay away from this site. They’re checking that thread multiple times a day to see if anyone’s saying anything.

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