Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation, and Expert Witness Services

Focused. Accessible. Dependable.

For more than 12 years, Sequence Inc. has been providing exceptional results to its clients in fraud investigations and complex litigation. Our track record includes success in both small and large cases, working on behalf of individuals and companies in a variety of industries.

Tracy Coenen offers clients a unique advantage in litigation and fraud-related matters. Her work is focused strictly on forensic accounting, so rarely encounters conflicts of interest. She is accessible to her clients, ensuring that their engagements get the attention they deserve. You can depend on Tracy to meet all deadlines with exceptional results.

The company’s litigation support and forensic accounting services are provided for both the prosecution and defense of civil and criminal matters. The work is focused on assisting in financial disputes, and includes analyzing evidence, managing documentation, calculating financial losses, and reporting findings in reports that are easy-to-understand.

In addition to providing expert witness services related to disputed financial and accounting matters, Sequence Inc. can assist with discovery requests and interrogatories, analyze the reports of opposing expert witnesses, and aid with deposition and trial preparation.

The fraud investigation services of Sequence Inc. are aimed at finding fraud, determining the parties involved, gathering critical evidence of the fraud, and presenting the findings to management, owners, executives, boards of directors, shareholders, and courts. Tracy has completed successful investigations in a wide variety of industries, and for companies ranging in size from small family businesses to large publicly traded companies.

Tracy is Certified in Financial Forensics, and her expertise has been demonstrated not only in court, but also in her two books, Expert Fraud Investigation: A Step-by-Step Guide and Essentials of Corporate Fraud.

Divorce Investigation

Are you involved in a divorce or family law case that may involve hidden income or hidden assets? Read Tracy Coenen's new book, Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Cases, published by the American Bar Association.
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