Divorce Investigation Services

Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting  in Chicago and Milwaukee traces money in divorces to find hidden income and assets, quantify the lifestyle of a party to a divorce, create easy-to-understand and compelling exhibits and charts, and testify in court.  As a divorce financial analyst, Tracy Coenen evaluates the finances of the parties prior to and following the separation, with the goal of finding out the truth about the money.

Because we are a small firm, Tracy is involved in all aspects of every investigation. With the assistance of forensic accounting software and reliable clerical staff, Sequence is able to effectively manage larger investigations. Most importantly, however, your case will receive the attention it deserves. Tracy Coenen is accessible, conscientious, and focused on quality. And we always meet our deadlines.

The financial issues in divorce cases can be as complicated as the emotional aspects. Our divorce financial analysis services focus on analyzing and examining the data underlying disclosures in divorce cases to determine the reasonableness and accuracy of those disclosures. Additionally, we investigate the financial issues in proactive ways, looking for the possibility of hidden assets and hidden sources of income.

Our forensic accounting work involves analysis of bank records, brokerage account documents, credit card records, accounting ledgers, and other financial records to determine the source and use of funds. We search the financial records for evidence of undisclosed accounts and assets, and we attempt to quantify the financial lifestyle of an individual based on financial documentation and known facts about the person’s spending habits.

The Sequence Inc. divorce financial analysis focus is on unraveling the financial web to find out where money is coming from and how it is being spent. Our expertise shines when faced with considerable assets or liabilities, numerous bank and brokerage accounts, and multiple business interests. Such an analysis can become complex when dealing with a substantial number of accounts, but our process for managing documents, analyzing transactions between accounts, ensuring a complete analysis, and presenting the findings of a complex examination ensures accuracy.

We do not search the globe for hidden accounts and assets, nor do we conduct witness interviews or surveillance to uncover evidence of concealed earnings and valuables. Those tasks are best done by a private investigator who specializes in in on-the-ground investigators. We also do not do business valuations, although we do evaluate businesses during divorces to analyze income and assets and determine if there are  issues hidden in a company’s financial statements and accounting records.