Alderman Michael McGee Objects to the Publishing of “Unfactual” Information


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a petition was filed Wednesday in Milwaukee County Court to have Michael Imanu Jackson’s name legally changed to Michael Imanu McGee. This situation just adds to the controversy surrounding the City of Milwaukee Alderman, which includes a pregnancy by McGee’s former mistress, a changing story about McGee’s Yahoo email address (which amounts to perjury by McGee), and allegations of domestic violence between McGee and the mistress.

McGee spoke with a reporter from the newspaper and allegedly threatened to sue the paper if a story was printed about the name change petition. He claims that he can’t be tied to anything with the name Michael Jackson on it, and that the reporter is “…crossing the line as far as using unfactual information.”

The petition for the name change lists the person’s (McGee’s) occupation as “city councilman” and uses McGee’s home address and date of birth. A Social Security number is listed, but McGee denies that it is his number.