Action in Burglary Case Could Have Kept Killer Off the Streets


Spivak & Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel break an interesting (but sad) story about Milwaukee’s inept District Attorney’s Office.

On July 22, Sidney Gray alleged burglarized a home and killed Frank Moore II, a neighbor who was trying to stop the burglary. Gray has seven convictions on his record.

As it turns out, Gray probably should have been in jail for stealing a car, resisting arrest and attempting to burglarizing a woman’s home on July 16. So who bungled the case? The District Attorney’s office says that they told the police to bring this woman go to the DA’s office to tell them her story. They say the police never brought her.

The police say Gray should have at least been charged with resisting arrest while the case was being investigated. A detective’s report on the burglary of the woman’s home is dated July 27, which is 5 days after Moore was murdered.

The woman says she was never told to come downtown, and that she was very willing to help out. She wants to know why Gray was released without anyone talking to her. The whole situation is crazy, including the apparent reluctance of the police to act quickly on the night of the attempted burglary. Read the whole story for the details.