More Proof of Milwaukee Alderman’s Perjury

Will the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office fail to take action AGAIN??? Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jackson is officially the father of Kimley Rucker’s child, as proven by a DNA test.

Kimley is the woman who filed for a domestic violence restraining order against McGee/Jackson because of his abusive behavior.  McGee/Jackson threatened to kill her while in the courtroom for a hearing on the matter.

The child was born on July 8.  McGee/Jackson testified in court that he only had sex with Kimley once, in August of 2005.  That would be impossible if the child was born at full-term.  The child had to be conceived sometime between September and November of 2005, thereby proving that McGee/Jackson’s statements in court were untrue.

Kimley’s attorneys are pushing the District Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges of perjury against McGee/Jackson, but we know how far they’ll get with that.  Previous instances of perjury by McGee/Jackson have been overlooked so far.