The Carnival of Business is here!

Welcome to this week’s [tag]Carnival of Business[/tag]. Hopefully, you’re viewing this entry in your Firefox browser.

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve: how to have purpose, how to be more profitable, how to be better corporate citizens, and how to stay in contact with customers. [tag]Philanthropy[/tag] is one way for companies to be more involved in the community and generate positive PR. Developing a mission statement may also help a company to find its purpose and refine how it does business. Yet it is important for a company to consider the negative message that its PR efforts could send.

[tag]Branding[/tag] and marketing efforts are a necessary part of any successful business, and supermodel Tyra Banks has shared how she branded herself. Companies might also consider taking innovation to another level, literally. Business strategy is an important part of any successful company, and one blogger is looking for help with his strategy.

What should companies avoid at all costs? A good way to get themselves in trouble with the [tag]IRS[/tag] is to not have control of a [tag]tax[/tag] situation. Failing to have professional tax assistance is a big mistake.

Real estate is as hot topic today, and if you’ve been dying to buy property in North Cyprus, here’s your opportunity to learn more about it. If you’re in the Seattle real estate market, you might be interested in an analysis of why the Seattle real estate company Redfin is going to fail. Is dual agency in real estate transactions ethical?

On the topic of personal development, you can learn how to be pathetic. On the other hand, you might prefer to dream big and succeed. A new job might be just the thing to set you on the path to making your dreams come true. Your dreams may include wealth, and some people get wealthy by listening to their parents. Even if you are not wealthy today, you can begin to save money and work your way toward wealth. (Although buying a new car and rising oil prices may cut into your wealth!)

May you all have a prosperous week!