More “supervision” for City of Milwaukee criminals

Disclosure: I was a [tag]probation[/tag] and [tag]parole[/tag] agent 11 years ago.

Wisconsin is going to create a special unit of probation and parole agents to look after Milwaukee residents who are “on paper”. Police Chief Nannette Hegerty has said that one out of every five suspects arrested by Milwaukee police is on either probation or parole. Governer Jim Doyle claims that those under this intense supervision will be put back in jail as soon as they break conditions of their release.

Milwaukee County currently has 400 agents who monitor 18,000 offenders. The new unit will add 13 agents, who will have smaller caseloads than the average agent.

With the numbers currently at 45 criminals per agent, I don’t think the number of agents is the problem. The problem is that these people are habitual criminals. More so-called supervision will not prevent criminals from engaging in criminal activity.