Book Publishing: Negotiating the contract

After a couple of weeks of other topics, I’m back to continue my series on how I got my book deal and what I’ve learned about getting a book published.

It came time to negotiate my contract with Wiley, and I was happy that I had an experienced attorney to help. So You Want to Write a Book has a great page about negotiating a contract. It speaks specifically about their contracts with writers, but gives some good baseline information that others can use.

It was important for me to work with an attorney because this was my first book contract. I had no idea what should or shouldn’t be in it, and what I should expect in terms of money. The attorney had experience with these contracts, and knew what to expect.

Here are some of the most important parts of the contract:

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More on stalking teenage blogger

Judd Bagley, Director of Communications at is at it again. Judd’s apparent main duty as Director of Communications is to stalk people who question management and financial statements. He threatens and intimidates those who dare to voice their opinion or publish facts about the company and its executives. He is quite apparently doing all of this on behalf of Patrick Byrne, CEO of

His latest target is Zac Bissonnette, an excellent blogger at AOL’s BloggingStocks and independent blog Hedge Funnies. Zac just so happens to be a teenager (age 19) but is mature beyond his years.

Judd is taking him to task for writing about Overstock. The more insanity Zac exposes, the harder Judd will likely come after him. (This isn’t the first blogger he’s stalked in this fashion.)

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Mortgage Fraud Blog wins award

Congratulations to fellow “fraud bloggers” at the Mortgage Fraud Blog!! They were named the Most Innovative Blog by Inman News. Other finalists included 3 Oceans Real Estate, Bloodhound Blog, Calculated Risk,, Real Estate Competition and the Law, Real Estate Tomato, Redfin’s Sweet Digs blogs, and Transparent Real Estate. The Innovator Awards honor forward-thinking technologies, … Read more Mortgage Fraud Blog wins award Director of Communications Judd Bagley threatens teenage blogger

Judd Bagley, cyberstalker at Overstock.comJudd Bagley, Director of Communications at and loyal sidekick of wacky CEO Patrick Byrne, is threatening to “expose” BloggingStocks blogger Zac Bissonette on his antisocialmedia website. Judd maintains the website to scare people who dare ask questions about or criticize Overstock.

Why is Zac his latest victim of threats? He and a fellow blogger started Hedge Funnies, a blog that makes fun of the antics on Wall Street. Zac is a fantastic blogger, by the way, and does a great job of exposing some of the dirt on public companies. And he’s only a teenager. Yes, that’s impressive!

Judd Bagley and Patrick Byrne have a vested interest in shutting up critics of Overstock, and apparently, they have no sense of humor either. Following a few posts on Hedge Funnies that had many of us rolling on the floor, Judd threatened Zac with an expose on his antisocialmedia site:

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Reporter Finds That Usana Health Sciences is Under Investigation by the FBI

Usana Health Sciences is throwing its latest temper tantrum at being exposed for the fraud it is. National Business Review reporter Helen Malmgren reported a few weeks ago on the Usana scam. Usana has replied with a letter that is little more than another “Barry Minkow lies” tale, with nothing of substance behind it.

Malmgren has summarily sliced and diced this ridiculous letter and it will be interesting to see how Usana does with this one. They haven’t done so well before. Please note that Malmgren is now reporting from an Federal Bureau of Investigation source that Usana is under investigation by the FBI.

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