Primerica Financial Services a Scam?


Over on my consumer awareness site, Pink Truth, I have put together a few articles about Primerica Financial Services.

Like Mary Kay, Usana, and Mannatech, Primerica is a multi-level marketing company (MLM). The big difference, however, is that these other companies have a tangible product for sale, and many of the abuses come from loading participants with inventory they won’t ever be able to sell.

Primerica sells insurance (mostly life insurance), mutual funds, mortgages, and debt consolidation services. It appears that “debt consolidation” is the cash cow for the company, and it’s questionable whether consumers are really better off with the Primerica products than without. (i.e. The representatives are incentivized to push these products, even if it may actually cost the consumer more money!) Continue reading

A little linky love for the Sheboygan Police Department


Let’s all join in now, shall we? Here ya go, Sheboygan Police Department.

Sheboygan officials must not be able to come up with any better ways to waste taxpayer money. In lieu of better ideas, they’re trying to get people to stop posting links to the police department. And no, I’m not kidding.

The Sheboygan Press gives the details of the story, which include:

A Sheboygan woman who runs a Web site often critical of Mayor Juan Perez has been ordered by the city to remove a Sheboygan Police Department link on her unrelated business site, a demand a legal expert says the city has no right to make.

In a move initiated by Perez, City Attorney Steve McLean sent a cease-and-desist letter earlier this month to Jeni Reisinger, who was among the leaders of a mayoral recall effort last year, officials acknowledged Friday.

The letter, dated Oct. 19, states, “maintenance of this link could be construed as having been authorized or endorsed by the city and/or its police department” and should be removed “until such time as the city were to authorize such a link.”

Madison attorney Bob Dreps said the law is clear that neither Reisinger nor anyone else needs permission to link to the police Web site.

What a joke.

And if you feel the need to contact anyone in Sheboygan about this, here’s a list of links to help you out:

City Of Sheboygan website

Mayor Juan Perez [email protected] (920) 459-3317

City Attorney Stephen McLean [email protected] (920) 459-3917

Sheboygan Alderperson List

New York CPA Society a little late to the game


Fifteen years after his felony conviction for securities fraud, the New York State Education Department – Office of Professional Discipline is finally taking away Sam Antar’s CPA license. Sam pleaded guilty to three felonies in 1992. He didn’t renew his CPA license after that, assuming his license would be taken away anyway. When a CPA in New York doesn’t renew the license, she or he is considered an “inactive CPA.”

They never took it away.

For the last several years, while giving fraud presentations around the country, Sam has been mentioning this situation.

Finally the Office of Professional Discipline is ready to act. It has taken New York 15 years to get around to revoking Sam’s CPA license. And the best part? They asked him to send in documents to verify the criminal conviction. Yep. Wouldn’t want to take away that CPA license 15 years late without verifying the crimes first.

Note: Sam never held himself out as a CPA after the conviction… in fact, he referred to himself as a former CPA.