LifeLock CEO: Our Service Kinda Works

Todd Davis, the CEO of LifeLock, is trying to get the word out that the LifeLock identity theft service works sometimes!

In the below video, Davis tells Matt Lauer on the Today Show that his identity has only been stolen once, darnit! I’ve been reporting what the lawyers are saying about LifeLock, and it’s not good.

They basically say that the service is worthless. Although LifeLock puts a fraud alert on your credit report, this is something you can do on your own for free (rather than for a recurring monthly fee to LifeLock) and that the fraud alerts aren’t as effective as LifeLock leads you to believe.

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Mainstream Media Recognizes Mary Kay Cosmetics As a Product Based Pyramid Scheme

The success of multi-level marketing companies and pyramid schemes has been based partly upon favorable media coverage of the industry. The MLMs put out plenty of positive press releases, resulting in numerous fluff pieces in newspapers and magazines over the years.

Mary Kay Cosmetics encourages fluff pieces, especially whenever a new Mary Kay national sales director is appointed. The company hounds local newspapers to run these stories, and the newspapers fall for the bait that makes the stories sound compelling:  only 500 national sales directors worldwide, millions of dollars of products “sold” by the teams created by these women, huge accomplishment to get to the top of the pyramid, etc.

But this article in the Salt Lake Tribune turned out a little differently than Mary Kay intended it. Thanks to the investigative reporting by Steven Oberbeck, he got readers to consider the “other side” of the Mary Kay issue.

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Would You Work With a Company That is Deliberately Misleading Blog Readers?

Recently I’ve posted a couple of articles about my disappointment with LinkedIn. It’s my opinion that for most professionals it’s a complete waste of time. Actual benefits from it are few and far between, unless you’re looking for a job or you’re a headhunter.

This morning there was a pending comment here on one of those articles. It was from someone pretending to be a happy user of a similar site, Salesconx. This site lets users buy and sell leads, and supposedly you don’t pay unless the lead meets your criteria.

Here’s how they describe the service:

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Las Vegas: Recession or No?

I love Las Vegas. And when my fellow WalletPopper Zac Bissonnette decided to write a story about how recession-like times (no, we’re not really in a recession) have hit Vegas hard, I was saddened. I said to him, “Are you sure there’s really a recession there? Cuz I just tried to book a room and was amazed at the prices and availability. Seems like things are hopping.”

Zac assured me that times were tough, and even wrote on WalletPop that revenue is down, property values are declining, and stocks in casino companies are hurting.

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At Least the Business Journal Agrees With Me About LinkedIn

Much to my dismay, the Business Journal of Milwaukee ran a piece raving about the usefulness about LinkedIn, the modern day version of a chain letter. Last week I talked about how it’s nothing more than an annoying tool ultimately used by headhunters and sales people. Real connections and real value derived from the service are few and far between unless you’re a job-seeker or job-peddler.

And apparently I must have hit a sore spot with the folks who run LinkedIn, because they can’t seem to stay away from this site. They’re checking that thread multiple times a day to see if anyone’s saying anything.

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